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Feedback for Zukin.

Jan 28, 2009

    1. This is my feedback thread, please leave comments!
    2. First feedback and its a good one!!
      Sold Zukin my lovely Volks DD Sirius. Fast payment, great communication and was wonderful to deal with. A++++ buyer. Thanks!!!
    3. Zukin bought a wig from me some days ago and was very pleasant to deal with! Communication was always very clear, and payment was delivered in a prompt manner. I would definitely do business with this customer again!
    4. I did a trade with Zukin this past week and it went very well. The doll she traded was as lovely in person as in the pics she sent. She shipped how and when she said she would, and the doll was very well packaged. I highly recommend her and would happily do business with her anytime! Thanks! :)
    5. Sold Zukin a pair of my DD Chobit ears. Very friendly and patient! Gladly sell to again :)
    6. I brought a bobobie ariel from Zukin~ The packing was excelent and I recived her very quickly. Zukin is a friendly seller who I'd gladly buy from again :D
    7. Zukin purchased several articles of clothing from me. She kept in touch throughout the transaction and paid promptly! Thanks so much for the smooth transaction! Would love to do business again!
    8. Zukin purchased me Soom weenie dee Horns, all have been perfect. Great communication and fast payment.
      Thanks !
    9. Zukin bought a Soom Ai from me and was very patient with me while i blushed the hooves and tail.
      Also, when the postal service completely detroyed the packaging Zukin was more than willing to work with me to get the matter sorted out. Luckily the dolly wasnt hurt in any way and so aside from the crappy p.o. service it was still a successful transaction. Zukin is a great buyer. Patient, paid on time, and very understanding!
    10. Hi

      Zukin bought a top from me. She was fun to talk with and paid very quickly! I would recommend her to others who want to do business with her. :D I hope you enjoy your lovely top. <3

      - Lum Out -
    11. I recently bought a MDD from Zukin. In the sale thread, Zukin said she's a white skin MDD girl.
      Here's a picture in her sale thread. She really looks like a white skin girl.

      But after I received her, I found the skin color is nature but not white. I took a comparison for the MDD body and my white skin DD body. Then I sent this picture to Zukin and ask for if I could send her back and get refunds. But she refused to do this. At last I got a partial refund.

      I left this feedback as a Neutral. I received her in a timely manner but not as decribed.
      Zukin was nice in her messages. Hope she could mark an item as unkown next time when she not sure about something.
    12. Zukin bought a Dollfie Dream head from me! Her payment was prompt and communication was wonderful~ I'd be most honored to do business with her again. Thanks!! <33
    13. I bought a DollZone Judy from Zukin. She let me do layaway (a very derpy and sporadic one at that) and shipped the doll out right after I made the final payment. The doll came perfectly packaged with lots of bubble wrap~ Zukin's communication was excellent, and she was friendly the entire time. I'm very happy to have this new addition in my family! :D Thanks again! <3
    14. I've been meaning to respond to this, and I think I'm allowed to...if not I understand and I ask for my response to be taken down. Thank you!

      When Marybell first contacted me about this doll, she had asked if I would do a trade for some of the other items she had available. I told her not at the moment, but thank you for contacting me. After that, she asked if I would lower the price from $250 to $220. I said I'd take $230 for her I held onto the doll for a small period of time before Marybell paid for her and I shipped her off. This doll was not only the body but it also included a head with a faceup.

      When she received the doll she asked if she could return it, or get a $100 refund due to the skin color being wrong. This made me a bit worried, especially considering that the doll had no problem other than skin color. Had she have gotten it damaged I would have understood her wanting a large refund or return. Which I would happily do either in this case. I told her I would issue a $40 refund due to my mistake in listing. A $100 refund seemed quite unfair to me, had she had gotten the doll damaged I would have understood this request. After swapping several PM's back and forth I gave her a $50 refund the same day she received the doll.

      In the end, Marybell received this doll without any problems other than skin color for $180. While the skin color listing was my mistake, there were no other problems with this doll.

      Please keep in mind if you ever get a doll from me damaged due to my packaging or other problems I will happily do a refund or return after receiving the doll back.

      If you are ever unsure of a listing up under my name, please ask for more pictures so this problem can be avoided in the future. I will work harder on my side to determine what type of doll I have under my possession.
    15. Zukin bought several SD clothes from me. She paid very quickly, was pleasant in PMs, and let me know when the clothes arrived. Thanks again for the smooth transaction!
    16. She bought a jacket from me, paid promptly and let me know when it was recvd. THANK YOU!
    17. I was so lucky to adopt a Winnie Deer Ai from Zukin and it was a dream transaction. She allowed me to do a short layaway, and in no time at all, I had Afi's twin sister, and she had her money. The shipping was lightening fast, the packing job supreme. I would not hesitate to have another transaction with her again. Here is Ai with her new family (Temporary clothes):

      Thanks again so much, I never thought I would have the complete trio!!
    18. Wonderful transaction with Zukin! I adopted a Pipos Bao from her and she kept great communication
    19. She bought a Littlefee from me, really nice! adorable, she gave me picture which is Awesome! TY very much for this great deal! ^^ A++ buyer
    20. Zukin bought some LTF hands from me, she paid immediately and communication was excellent and friendly :) She also let me know when the hands got there. Perfect transaction, thank you so much :)