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Feedback fot Akivasha

Jun 5, 2010

    1. Please put the feedback of your transactions with me ^_^
    2. Sorry, a little late with this^^. Akivasha bought a Homme Kirrill from me, and everything was a breeze! She was quick with payment and communication, and I recommend others do business with her :)
    3. I bought a DoD body from her, communication was perfect, she took photos of the body when I ask for it. The doll was assembled as i recommended well pack and came to me in perfect condition. I also recommend other to do business with her ^_^
    4. I bought a IH Body from a Split with her.
      The communication was kindly and perfect ^^ and the handling with the Split was without a problem and easy :)
      Thanks a lot! ^^
    5. I bought a DIM Achernar head from Akivasha. The transaction went very smoothly, I would definitely buy from her again.
    6. I just finished a transaction with Akivasha.

      I sold Akivasha a Fantasy Doll 1/3 girl body. The sale went very smoothly.

      We had great communication. Akivasha paid quickly and was friendly and pleasant throughout.

      I would gladly deal with her again.

      Thank you!
    7. Akivasha bought a Bluefairy wig from me.
      Everything went smooth and pleasant.
      She even let me know immediately when received the wig!
      Thank you so much again ^^
    8. I was apart of Akivasha's Special Edition Iplehouse Dexter split. (for the normal skin dexter head, pants and hat) It was an easy and stress free split and I would be happy to join one again with her if it works out in the future. Akivasha was friendly, fast shipping and prompt communication. I recommend her to anyone. :) Thanks again!
    9. I bought a leather jacket from Akivasha, and it's lovely! Communication was great and shipping was fast! <3 Thanks a bunch!
    10. I was a part of Akivasha's IP Dexter split and I had absolutely no problems! She was always in communication and let me know what was going on every step of the way!
    11. Akivasha sold me some msd shoes. I am unable to check the quality of the product, however i will leave feedback on that asap (End of feb) However, the quality of the seller was astounding. She was kind, communicative, and when a problem with the post office popped up, she worked as hard as she could to fix the problem. It was a dream for the nightmare situation the US post put me in. Thank you so much for a wonderful sale! Oh and the extras were a nice touch too ^_^
    12. I bought some gloves from Akivasha. They were new as described, communication was great, and shipping was fast! I would do business with her again. Thank you!
    13. Akivasha purchased a dress from me. The transaction was very smooth!! Great communication and fast payment.
    14. I bought some clothes from her and everything went very well, recommended :)
      thank you!
    15. Akivasha sold me some SD clothing.

      She was lovely to speak to, kept great communication, and the little outfit was sent quickly -- I love it, thank you! :D
    16. I joined Akivasha's Iplehouse the Addiction claude split for the demon claude head in ns with faceup and horns. She was a pleasure to work with. Excellent communication through and through. He arrived to me in excellent condition and was extremely well packed for a safe journey home. All smiles here and i will definitely work with akivasha again, hands down. Thanks again. ;)
    17. I bought a LTF DES faceplaye from Akivasha. Communication was good and the faceplate is in lovely condition. Thank you!
    18. I've bought Mako eyes from Akivasha, and everything went perfect:) Communication was great, eyes arrived pretty quickly, carefully packed and in mint condition, and they are beautiful:) Akivasha is a very kind person, and I highly recommend her as a seller.
      Thank you!:3
    19. I bought PKF swimming flippers from Akivasha. Transaction was smooth :) She answered promptly to my PMs and sent them very quickly!

      Akivasha is a nice person whom I highly recommend as a seller
      Thank you! :aheartbea
    20. Akivasha bought a pair of SD boots from me. She was prompt with communication and payment. She also let me know when they arrived to her. I would recommend her to anyone!