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Feedback: */ genvi /*

Nov 23, 2006

    1. Please feel free to give your impression of transaction as well as the item(s) you bought please...(jewels or clothing).

      Thanks everyone !

    2. I got the most Absolutely Fabulous "Star dress: For the lovely witch or Christmas Party!! dress" made by genvi :D My girls love it and can't wait until we get settled in our new location so they can dress-up and show it off :cheer

      And genvi is wonderful to deal with! Extremely honest .... over estimated the shipping cost and refunded the excess paid back :abow:
    3. Great seller :) She mades some clothes for me, and she's really friendly.
      Thanks again!
    4. Genvi mades two T-shirts for my little boys, they absolutely love them^w^
    5. Genvi made beautiful matching corsets for my Ruka and my sister's Kotarou! ^_^ They are very well made and the fabric is gorgeous. We just love them! She is friendly and reliable and fun to work with. Thanks again Genvi!!^_^
    6. Wow! Absolutely stunning shorts. :love
      Genvi was extremely friendly, easy to work with, and a total sweetheart. She made a complete outfit for my new boy in record time (we're talking the speed of light here, lol). She's an awesome seller and I will surely buy from her again. :thumbup
      Thanks so very much for the wonderful outfit!!!
    7. I've been meaning to do this..

      Genvi made my boy a wonderful space suit. It's very well made and looks beyond cool. Genvi is wonderful to work with and very talented. I definitely recommend her!

      Thanks again!