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Feedback List for Dreus :3

Jun 1, 2006

    1. Well, it's the first time I file a list of the people I had good deals with, never thought before, but now I know how it works XD.
      ...And don't forget to add your comments if you had any deals with me!
      Thanks to all these wonderful people!

      BJD sellers

      Accessories and outfit sellers

      I also had a wonderful trade with

      ...More to come as I'm still waiting for something to arrive!

      Again, thank you!
    2. Thanks Dreus! I appreciate the comment :)
    3. New people to add...

      BJD sellers:
      Staci (thru eBay)

      Accessories sellers:

      Accessories buyers:

      I'd also like to add two more fellow members, but due to my slow postal service, I'm still waiting for my parcels to arrive...
      More coming soon!
    4. I bought a Na-Nu-Ri from Dreus recently! He arrived promptly and very well packaged! Dreus is a gem to work with! Thank you so much! I love my new boy! :D
      I bought a gorgeous Lishe from Dreus. He is a reliable Seller, I really recommend him!
      He shipped immediately, and the doll was perfect, as described.
      Please buy with confidence from him. :)
    6. Dreus bought a set of clothes from me. Great buyer, fast payment.
    7. Bought a nice Head from Dreus. Nice smooth transaction.. Hope to have more.. Thanks so much, Dreus~
    8. It seem I forget to added my feedback!! I bought little Cherry (MNF Soo tan) from Dreus. Was a little bit slow on returning back to you and shipped the dolls since he's often out of town.
      But he's very friendly and pack my Cherry really well! A nice seller, thank soooooo much!!
    9. I bought Oyuki - MNF Shushu from Dreus. He was lovely to deal with throughout the transaction. He is out of town quite often so direct mail is preferable. He was extremely helpful and went out of his way to rectify a problem not of his making.

      Buy with confidence.

    10. It's been a real pleasure to deal with you, Dreus. :D

      Your girls (AS Vera, AR Bada Head, MNF body, MNF #7 head) came to me so quickly, they were well and comfy in their cushions, with all their clothes and so on. Thanks again !!