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Feedback lunaria1

Jun 18, 2010

    1. my feedback here :D
    2. She adopt my pipos ringo white, she's kind and fast in answer and payment, it's a pleasure have a transacrion with her! Thank you!
    3. lunaria1 bought SD armchair from me. Communication was very good. I got payment fast as well ^^
    4. lunaria1 bought Heliot's bow and arrow from me.
      She paid asap and let me know that it arrived safe and sound.
      I'd gladly deal with her again.
    5. lunaria bought my sphaler outfit. she paid fast and was a pleasure to deal with!
    6. lunaria bought from me! she is more kind, fast payment she's great!
    7. She bought a wig from me. Communication was great and payment fast.
    8. I just sold a Pipos Curo to lunaria1. Her payment was VERY prompt, and she was a great communicator. She also let me know the moment her Curo made it home to her safe and sound. It was a smooth, wonderful transation. I'd definitely sell to her again!
    9. I just sold a Cass Human dress to lunaria1. She paid immediately and her communication was terrific. It was a great transaction and I'd sell to her again.
    10. I traded my Zaoll with her doll Impl Cristopher
      She sended me the doll immediately, great comunication, and lovely person ^3^

      Thanks ^__^
    11. Lunaria1 purchased a steampunk eye from me. It was an excellent transaction, wonderful communication and great followup.
      I would recommend Lunaria1 to anybody! A pleasure to deal with and a great person
    12. Lunaria1 bought a Fairyland Realpuki Roro from me and we had a very smooth and excellent transaction with great communication. She even sent me pictues of Roro with a new face-up. AAA+ as a buyer! Thanks, dear.
    13. Lunaria1 bought a souldoll Miryu from me. She was very prompt with payment and we had great communication! Thank you for an absolutely smooth transaction! A++++
    14. Great buyer!! :D

      I sold my Pukifée Ante to her. She was very fast and nice with PMs, paid promptly and always kept me informed during the transaction. Highly recommended!!

      Thank you for everything!!
    15. Lunaria1 bought my Ih Benny and the transaction was smooth and very pleasant: she's been very kind and communicative, paid promptly and informed me immediately when she received the doll.
      A great experience, thank you so much Lunaria1!
    16. We traded dolls and Lunaria1 sent me hers very quickly!
      She was very nice and friendly, wont hesitate to deal with her again!
      Thanks so much <3
    17. Lunaria1 bought some soom parts from me, and the transaction was very easy and pleasant. She was kind and friendly in communication, and very fast in payment. I would love to do business with her again! Thank you!
    18. Lunaria bought my cass ears and amber eyes, she paid fast and was a pleasure to deal with. :)
    19. I sold an DZ Tintan to Lunaria1, she was absolutely lovely to deal with! She paid quickly, and was very patient and reliable. Payment was prompt, communication was pleasant and she let me know right away when her package arrived. I highly recommed doing business with her ^-^
      Thanks a lot!
    20. lunaria1 bought a Cuprit Crown from me, was a pleasure to deal with
      thank you :)