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Feedback of Heika

Aug 12, 2009

    1. Please write a message about our transaction! ^^
    2. Feedback: POSITIVE
      I bought a Soom Shale Romantic Head from Heika.
      She was very friendly with me I am really happy with this purchase, cos I´m traying to complete my Shale.
      Heika send me quickly and in a good packaged with lots of bubbles.
      Thanks for all.
    3. Heika joined a split I organised. She was great to deal with. Such a friendly person, very easy to communicate with. Payment was very quick and the whole transaction was great. I would be happy to transact with Heika again.
    4. Heika and I traded Iplehouse heads and Patrick arrived today and he brought me "French Chocolates". Since chocolate is one of my main food groups - I am delighted with this trade. Unfortunately Eddy went to France empty handed. :( But I promise Heika that if we do a trade or purchase again (AND I HOPE WE DO) I will include some extras. Not American chocolate :ablah:but something special. Thank you Heika...I am very pleased with my trade, packaging and speed of shipping.