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feedback on cotin doll world?

Jan 18, 2007

    1. they are pretty reliable. there wigs are okay. they dont use the best fibers for the wigs and some of them i have gotten were a little thin.
      I did like the pair of blue acrylic eyes that i got from them though
    2. cotin doll have some pretty nice wigs. they have nice shipping, good prices, good quality. they have some stuff on ebay too.
    3. If I had the money I would be buying the short red and dark blue wigs from them.... but alas I cannot be spending anymore on my doll at the moment. So now my plan is to get my husband to order them for his "someday" Moon ;)
    4. thnx for the fast reply's i want to have those rockinghorse balerina shoes and a little bag and maybe some clotings ^^
    5. I think their wigs are great - they are made very well and they all have an elastic band so they stay put on your dolls head. They also offer free shipping on the wigs.

      - heres a pic of Nova wearing the CW19 in blond


      side (kinda)


      and with it down


      I think its a very nice wig, very thick, and very shiney :daisy

      *note - I just bought this same wig in black, I'll post pics if you guys want.
    6. Ooooo!!!! I hope the wigs I want stay in stock just a little longer!
    7. Panty_girl, please do post the pictures of wig in black :3

      I've been checking just that wig, and i think it would look great on my boy but I'd wanna see some owner piccies first :3 That looks great though. Is the black one as shiney as in the blonde version? It doesn't seem as shiney in the cotindoll shop. But I'd be very grateful if youd post some pics :3 preferably without tying it down ;D
    8. I seem to remember there being two sort of big scandals concerning cotindoll a while ago, one in conjunction with another company, but I can't recall the exact details. Perhaps someone else can enlighten ^^;;
    9. I think it was about copying Volks dresses if I remember correctly, about other things I don't know :o. But I still love the wig XD; (there's so few wigs cutted like that >_<)
    10. yeah it was in the feedback forum. Comparison shots of Volks outfits and then the Cotin ones.
    11. It has been two weeks since my order .I have e-mailed them and they havent replied.I was wondering how long does it take for the items to arrive?
    12. I placed an order with them on the 13th, and am still waiting with no word. I suppose I should just sit tight and be patient. XD
    13. I ordered and paid on April 13. I haven't heard anything from them either. I've ordered from them twice before with no problem.

      Just wanted to let you guys know I received my wig today. Hopefully you'll be getting yours soon.

    14. I ordered and paid on the 13th too, and still no wig for me. @_@

      Edit: I received my wig yesterday, but unfortuantely, the color is very different from the one on the site. ): Sigh. The quality of the wig is very nice, though, it's very soft.
    15. >< I'd be happy if they'd just respond to my email. It would be nice to get tracking numbers or at least notification that they shipped my order. So far the only thing I really dont like about my transaction is there is no way to check order status on the site.
    16. I wouldn't recommend them in my opinion. Communication is appalling. I ordered a wig from them last month. I waited a good seven weeks and theres still nothing. I've sent them a number of emails and I still haven't had a reply from them about the wig. They didn't even note me to let me know if they'd recieved payment or if they'd shipped it.
      I feel really let down by the company, and I can only hope i'll hear word from them.
    17. Hey guys!
      I was wondering if anyone has recently bought something from Cotindoll.

      I ordered friday some shoes from them and paid them on october 2nd, I mailed them asking if they received my payment but haven't heard anything of them yet.

      How long does it usually take to ship things out by them?
      And do you actually also receive a "payment confrimend" mail or something?

      Thank you very much! :)
    18. Blackraven006 is right, their communication is REALLY appalling, so don't expect any emails or even REPLIES to emails from them, just expect for your purchases to arrive.

      About 2 months ago I ordered two wigs, I had a problem because I signed up under one email, which isn't the same as my paypal address which I used to pay. I included the item numbers when I paid though.
      I emailed them once about "if it is okay that my payment and account email addresses are different?", no reply. Huh, that's odd... emailed them again "I'm worried you haven't received my payment!". No reply.
      I hadn't received an email about them being shipped (what if they were out of stock? How would I have known?) so I got very worried over how reliable they were. If this wig wasn't perfect, I would've backed out sooner. So I emailed them saying "Hi, have you shipped my items yet? My order is:" and noticed that they had actually been READ, but NO replies. I must've sent about 5 of these "have you shipped?" messages in total.
      They kept me so furious and on edge that they actually had the nerve to read these messages, but not reply.

      I received my wigs in good time (9 days I think, from Cotin Doll to the UK), but I wouldn't use them again unless I couldn't find one of their wigs anywhere else.