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Feedback on Janis (Sunrise Dolls)

Jul 23, 2006

    1. First of all, I would like to say that she was very attentive. As soon as I bought my AR Elly from her on EBay she sent me an email telling when she was sent an email telling that she would sent tomorrow.

      The price was very good. My doll was only 400 dollars.

      I was worried that the doll was going to be in condition of the doll because the price was so low. But she was in mint condition. Never played with. In fact she was beautiful.

      The packaging was excellent. I never seen so many packaging peanuts. lol.

      The shipping wasn't fast by any means but that's not Janis fault. Stupid FedEx.

      When I emailed about the shipping, she emailed right back.

      In summary, awesome doll. Great packaging. The whole thing was a good experience.
    2. Janis & Co rock in all the ways a well run company should. Add my Huzzah to the list!
    3. Janis rocks she's the best seller ever, I bought three dolls from her and she was very informative as to when they arrived as well as all sorts of payments ^_^ thanks so much Janis
    4. :roll: I wish I could say I had a good experience with Janis, but this is what happened to me. Only the facts.

      I ordered my doll on Ebay on July 25th, pay for it right after using the buy it now function. I get an email back with the final price including shipping (I was only given one option, so I took it - airmail). I'm no US expert in mailing, airmail sounds fast. Well, I was wrong. But that isn't the problem.

      I wait 2 weeks and start asking for a tracking number I was not given. No response for a while, when usually she's so very prompt! Then finally, on Aug 4, I get a response that she'll go look into it for me.

      I get a mail back on Monday, Aug 7, saying he was still at the post office with a 'ripped customs label' and restarted his journey. I live in Canada. Yay, Canada. I think 'Ah, whatever. It was just a mixup'. Until my friend posts on another forum and another girl had the same /exact/ problem. Down to the shipping date and the 'ripped customs label' problem. This is when Janis becomes very hard to talk to and starts telling me that if I 'can't believe her when 20,000 other people do, that it's my problem'. I ended up putting a claim in on her because in honesty, I got rather scared I was being scammed. I wasn't even given a /real/ tracking number, just a customs form number. $545 for a doll is something I can't just shrug off, and I felt like I was going to get an ulcer out of this mess.

      The doll finally arrived on August 21, in fairly good condition except his s-hook has scraped the resin on one of his wrists, and his legs are all wacky (the joints are improperly lined up, and the resin on one leg is thicker than on the other). There's nothing I can do about it, trying to sand him down will probably just make his joints not work at all... It makes me sad that this was my first experience buying a BJD. The other girl got her shipping fees refunded but I was left in the cold with my wacky jointed Asiam-R that she sold me for $45 more than she's selling one on ebay now. And boy, that free US shipping didn't even get me a discount on mailing him to Canada, not even expedited after being mailed 2 weeks late with a lame (and twice used) excuse. I paid $28 for shipping, it cost her $22. Asiam-R sells on the DIM site for $550 with a faceup, I got him for $545. Thanks for the great deal, Janis.

      I :aheartbea him still, but I can't say it was a good experience. Maybe she's better with US buyers.. I'm not sure. But I bought from her because of her good feedback.
    5. I haven't posted alot but I have purchased three expensive dolls from Janis and each transaction was fabulous from start to finish.

      I purchased an Angelregion Nell, a Winky and a Madame Alexander Cissy doll. Communication was excellent, packaging was great, shipping was fast. And I might add that the Angelregion doll was purchased a week or so AFTER Janis decided to stop carrying the company.

      So my experience with Janis and Sunrise Dolls was great. THANK YOU, Janis for great service - we will miss you.
    6. Janis is an amazing seller. My boy arrived in great condition and very fast! It all went very smoothly <3