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FeedBack on Shuichichan

Jul 24, 2011

    1. Hello, please leave your comments here
    2. shuichichan was my partner in the son of a swap swap, she did send gifts but they werent really approprieate for my doll so i am leaving neutral as my feedback status.
    3. Shuichichan was my partner for the "All Things Kawaii" swap. She shipped items promptly and was good about communicating. The items she sent were either not what I had asked for or were the wrong size for my doll. Overall, she was a good swap partner.
    4. Shuichichan was my partner for the "Wrap, Drape, and Tied" swap! :) While the dress she sent for my girl wasn't something wrap/tie-able... it was surprisingly fitted and comfortably snug on my doll! She was good about communicating with me, and shipped things really swiftly! Pretty good partner, overall. :3
    5. Shuichan was my partner for a Harry Potter themed swap. I got a package filled with many wonderful items, all exactly what I asked for. I couldn't have had a better partner!
    6. Shuichichan was in my Lady Gaga swap. She took a lot of time into thinking of an outfit and making sure her partner was happy. Her Clever Ideas made a very trendy and may I mention Recyclable statement. AND Shipped the package very quickly and before the due date. A+
    7. Shuichichan was in my Harry Potter swap and was a good participant. Thanks!
    8. shuichichan was in my Yo-SD winter wonderland swap. SHe posted her doll profile on time and shipped her gift out in a timely manner. Excellent swapper!
    9. Shuichichan commissioned me for a faceup, and was lovely to deal with. She was clear with her wishes, replied promptly and sent payment with no issues. I would be happy to do business with them again!
    10. [h=2]Shuichichan joined my "whats your doll`s element" Swap and was wonder to have as part of my swap! every was done on time and she made a very cute dress for he partner ^_^ would love to have her join another one of my swaps!! highly recommend! thanx for taking part in my swap ^_^ [/h]
    11. Suichichan purchased a clothing lot for Chicline from me. She was very prompt in payment and replied to emails. Great transaction.
    12. Suichichan bought an outfit from me; paid quickly and we had great communication. Excellent transaction~
    13. Shuichichan joined my Sugar and Spice Swap.

      She sent her partner a nice gift and shipped on time.

      I recommend her as a swap participant!

    14. :) Positive Feedback! :)

      Not only did shuichichan finish her gift early in my swap, A Shirt Swap for MSDs, but she as very patient about receiving her gift and got the tracking number and everything necessary to me in time. She sent extras and her giftee only had wonderful things to say about her: "Shuichichan was perfect! A great gift in remarkable time that was exactly what my doll loves!"

      I would be pleased to have her in any of my future swaps.
    15. Shuichichan was a participant in my Resinsoul swap.

      She sews by hand and does not have a lot of sewing experience, however her partner was happy with the clothing she sent and she is improving.

      She mailed on time and is a pleasure to work with.

      I do recommend her a a swap participant.
    16. Shuichichan took part in my Lolita swap and was a pleasure to have in it!! great communication and shipped out on time ^_^
    17. ShuichiChan participated in my Victorian swap and was wonderful, she shipped out perfectly on time and was great with communication. <3 <3 <3 Would definitely recommend!
    18. Shuichichan took place in my Penpal Swap. There were no complications and they were very pleasant to work with.
    19. I took part in shuichichan's "80's are Back" swap and I must say it was one of the most enjoyable swaps I've ever been in.:) The theme was tremendously creative and fun! And the swap was run very efficiently with awesome communications throughout. I received wonderful cartoon-inspired items that were a perfect match to my 2 girls' styles. I couldn't be more pleased and would happily take part in any swap run by shuichichan in the future.
    20. Shuichi bought a shirt from me. Communication was great and payment was prompt. Thanks for being a great buyer!