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Feedback Post for Randi

Jun 30, 2009

    1. Randi needs a feedback thread started!! :fangirl:
    2. Ok, Randi!!

      I've decided to start your own feedback thread, so you just have to copy and paste this address into your profile and there you go!!!
    3. I adopted a perfect little Lati yellow Lami from Randi this July(2009). The whole adoption process was PERFECT!!!

      Randi answered every PM promptly and perfectly. She provided me with plenty of pictures and documentation about Lami.

      Once Lami was ready for departure to her new home with me she was shipped promptly after I paid.

      The whole experience was fantastic!

      I think we both had lots of laughs and fun tracking down Lami's paperwork and box from a previous seller. I had fun fending off other potential adoptive Mommy's too.

      Thanks Randi!! I love her, she's perfect!!!