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Feedback Thread for Akina-chan

Nov 13, 2007

    1. This is a feedback thread about me. Please post your feedback here if you have had a transaction with me.

      And thank you so much for excusing my english^_^
    2. Akina chan bought PJ from me . She is merely awesome!!! Very nice and communicative and sent the money the same day .
    3. She bought a msd dress from me, used paypal. Wonderful communication! Thanks again!:)
    4. Akina_chan purchased an msd body from me. She paid promptly, and in full.
      She kept in communication as best she could despite the time difference between
      the two of us. I would do business with her again, without a doubt!
    5. Regarding the previous entry: I have since encountered a problem with this transaction.
      As soon as it is resolved, I will retract this post.
    6. Yayyy!! Doll body has arrived safe 'n sound at lasssssst!!!!!

      The super long delay encountered during this transaction, turned out to be strictly postal/customs related.

      Akinachan is a delightful person! She is very trustworthy. A+++ buyer
    7. Okay, I wanted to give Akinachan the benefit of the doubt here, but her lack of contact up to this point has just irked me to no end. She contacted me on October 12th about a DoT Sha head that I had for sale. She expressed interest and asked for EMS shipping. I gave her the total and she asked me if I could hold the head for a week while she fixed some issues with her Paypal account/credit card.

      I didn't mind and told her so.

      A week passed and I heard no contact from her. I sent her another PM after the deadline:
      and she replied on the 26th:
      Today came and went with no sign of a payment or PM from her, so I PM'd her again:
      Her response to that was:
      I didn't respond to that PM, at least I don't remember responding to it and I soon received another one from her:
      Okay, that happens. I felt bad for her issues with Paypal, so I told her that I didn't really mind waiting and keeping the head on hold for her as long as she kept me up to date with things.
      She replied on the fifth of November with this PM:
      That was the last I heard from her and her last time online was the 17th. Frankly, at this point, I don't know what to believe because even though she told me that she was having issues with Paypal, I noticed her expressing interest in other items for sale in the Marketplace and asking for shipping quotes to Brazil.

      I would think that she would want to address her Paypal issues before giving other sellers the runaround like she did with me. It seems irresponsible to inquire on items when you know that you have no way to pay for them, if such was ever even the case.

      Whether her story was true or not, I could care less now and would not do business with her again in the future, as she has proved herself unreliable and uncommunicative in my eyes.