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Feedback thread for Akitosama

Feb 12, 2011

    1. I didn't find a thread so here is a started one.

      Akitosama bought my little Dollzone dragon from me. They were great with communication and made payment when they said they would. I would not hesitate to sell to them again!
      Highly recommended.

    2. Akitosama sold me a resinsoul body. It was a very smooth transaction with quick shipping and great communication. I would love to do business again! Thank you!
    3. Akitosama sold me a Resinsoul Song head. It was a wonderful transaction with great communication and super fast shipping. I appreciated her patience with my noob questions, and screw ups. I would be more than happy to do business again. Thank You Akito.:fangirl:
    4. I purchased a sleeping MNF El head from Akitosama. The transaction went well and he even came a day earlier than I was expecting, which was awesome. But I was disappointed to find faceup residue and MSC still on his face after Akitosama said he had never had a faceup. It's very obvious, too. I can clean it off easily, of coarse, but it just kind of surprised me.
      This is not completely negative feedback, just something that was claimed to not have been there.
    5. I sold my Dikadoll Zura Hybrid to Akitosama, and things couldn't have gone better :) Payments were made promptly and quickly, and I was notified of arrival. I will definitely do business with Akitosama again. :sweat
    6. I bought a Minifee El head from Akitosama. The head arrived as described and arrived very quickly! The communication was always pleasant and the item was well packed. I recommend Akitosama as a seller and wouldn't hesitate to buy again ^_^
    7. [h=2]Bought an DollFamily LingYin head. In good condition. Fast shiper. Would deal with again. [/h]
    8. Akitosama bought a blue SD wig from me. Communication was prompt and pleasant, a very smooth transaction overall! Would definitely deal with again :goldstar
    9. I sold a dollfie dream head to akitosama and the transaction was flawless. Quick payment, great communication, and she let me know as soon as it arrived. Thanks! :)
    10. I did a trade with akitosama, her 70cm Dollzone body for my 60cm Dollzone body. The transaction went smoothly, she had fantastic communication and the body was exactly as described. Highly recommended, thanks so much!
    11. I bought a Dollzone body from Akitosama and everything went very well :D
      Communication was good and she notified me when she could not ship on time.

      Very happy of this transaction :3

    12. I bought a Dollzone Nyu from Akitosama. She was very nice, and shipped right away. Lovely little doll! Thank you! :)
    13. I traded my sd kimono and wig Akitosama for her resinsoul yao. communication was fast and was very nice throughout the whole trade ^_^ will gladly buy\trade with again ^_^ highly recommended
    14. I purchased a dollfie dream head from Akitosama. She shipped super fast and securely. Super nice seller and easy to work with!

      thanks so much! I love the doll head!
    15. I bought Yeon-Ho head from akitosama. The communication was nice, the head packed really well and shipped really fast. Thank you, it was a really pleasant deal :3
    16. I just received a Dollzone 58cm body from @akitosama. The entire process was cozy, swift and no-nonsense, and I felt absolutely confident and safe in my transaction. An absolute pleasure! If she were selling anything else I was after, I wouldn't hesitate to trust her again :)