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Feedback thread for allie-leanza

Dec 7, 2011

    1. If I bought something from you on the marketplace, please leave feedback. ^^
    2. I did a face up for allie-leanza ^ ^ She was such a wonderful person to work with~! She's very patient, pays asap! and keeps in great communication <333 Thank you for the chance to be able to paint your doll! I recommend her to anyone : D
    3. Allie-leanza participated in my LUTS GO, and was utterly fabulous to deal with. She paid quickly, kept in communication throughout, and has a very sweet personality. I would recommend her for other GO's and would love to have her in another GO of mine in the future. Thanks again! :)
    4. Allie-Leanza was a participant in my twenty-third Leekeworld group order and we had a lovely transaction from beginning to end! They were quick to respond to invoices and communication was simply swell from their end. A lovely participant that I would happily do business with again.

      Thank you for your participation in this order!! :D
    5. Allie-Leanza was part of my Luts group order. Very friendly, quick payment, would deal with again! Thanks so much!
    6. Allie-Leanza bought a doll head from me and the transaction was perfect.

      She kept great communication, paid quickly, and let me know when the item had arrived.

      Would gladly do business with again!

      Thank you!
    7. I bought a Kid Delf Summery from Allie-Leanza. It was a wonderful transaction and I couldn't be happier. She has great communication and shipped the doll out very fast. I would buy from Allie-Leanza again and I want to send out a big thank you to her. THANK YOU!
    8. I participated in allie-leanza's Little Monica GO. She had prompt communication, shipped everything quickly and was a pleasure to deal with. Thanks! :)
    9. I participated in allie-leanza'a Crobidol GO and everything went smoothly. She kept me updated, had good communication and shipped my order quickly and safely. I would definitely work with her again. Thanks again!
    10. I bought a Crobi Doll Micru MSD from allie-leanza. She shipped extremely fast and extremely well packaged! The box probably could have had a bomb dropped on it and the doll would have been perfectly fine. Communication was very easy and very quick. Thanks again!
    11. allie-leanza participated in my split. She was wonderful to work with, very friendly and prompt with replying to my PMs as well as payment. We encountered some trouble with Dolkworld, but she was very understanding and patient! I'd recommend her any time! Thank you, sweety~! :)
    12. I bought a few MSD-sized dresses from Allie-leanza and the transaction went very smoothly. She communicated well and sent the items right away. I would gladly do business with her again!
    13. Allie-leanza held these amazing boots from DollHeart (brown with bows for MSD)! She was just so kind to do this for me! I love the boots and would happily recommend her to anyone who wants to deal with her on any purchase!
    14. I was part of Allie-Leanza's Leekeworld Winter Event Go. It was a super long wait, but Allie-Leanza was great with posting news (or no news), and just keeping in contact and not letting us worry about slow shipping from Leekeworld. Super pleasant to deal with, super prompt with replies and fast with shipping quote and shipping out. Thank you so much!
    15. I was a part of a Leekeworld GO run by alli-leanza. She was very organized and on top of everything. It turned into a huge hassle thanks to an enormous delay on Leeke's end, but she was sure to keep us all informed of the situation. She was great with communication and gave me a prompt response any time I sent her a message. :) Once the items finally arrived to her from Leeke, she sent out invoices for shipping and shipped my item very quickly. I'm glad to have had such a responsible GO leader in the face of the delay and the issues. She did a great job.

      Thanks so much for taking such good care of everything!
    16. I was part of Allie-Leanza's LeekeWorld GO - she was fast to reply and kept us updated when Leeke was taking their own sweet time shipping our items out >_< She packs things well and ships them out fast! Would love to join another GO with her as a host in the future!
    17. I was part of Allie-Leanza's LeekeWorld GO, she gave us speedy replies and dealt with everyone's impatience towards Leekeworld lol. I would join another GO hosted by her in a heartbeat!
    18. I bought MSD boots from Allie-Leanza, and they are beautiful and absolutely brand new in original packaging. She shipped promptly and her communication was great. I would certainly deal with her again.
    19. I bought a Switch Ryun R in an M Line Crobi body from her. She's really nice and was really patient on waiting for the payments i had for layaway. The doll arrived in good condition, i really love the faceup <3 Overall shes a great seller, and would transact again with her if had the chance in the future. :D
    20. allie-leanza sold me an SD13 Volks girl body. She was great to deal with, shipped in good time, and the body arrived well packed and in great shape.

      A big thank you and sorry for the late feedback! :D