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Feedback thread for Alphonse

Oct 19, 2010

    1. Hi everyone,
      Please leave any feedbacks if you had transcations with me, thank you.
    2. Alphonse bought a pair of urethane eyes from me, everything went smoothly with quick payment and friendly
      communication. Would definitely deal with again :) Thanks so much again Alphonse~! :D
    3. Hi

      Alphonse bought a few pair of eyes from me. Her communication was great. She paid very quickly and promptly. I hope you love your bundle of eyes. ^_^

      I would love to do business with her again. :)

      - Lum Out -
    4. Alphonse bought a pair of mystic eyes from me, and her communication was wonderful. She paid immediately, and she let me know the moment they arrived safely. I'd highly recommend doing business with her!
    5. Alphonse bought Chalco's default outfit, wig and eyes from me. Communication was excellent and payment was fast, an excellent buyer! :)
    6. Alphonse purchased chalco clothes from me, and she payed immediately, without any delay and told me immediately when it arrived. I would do business with her again in a heartbeat!
    7. Alphonse was in my recent Nephelin split, communication was fabulous, payment was quick, and even though she moved during the wait, I was kept up to date. And got an excellent explanation of formatting addresses to China to boot! lol Fantastic split partner, thanks so much!
    8. Alphonse bought a Luts 2012 Summer Event head from me. Payment was sent promptly and communication was great! Overall transaction went smoothly and they were understanding about my schedule.
    9. Alphonse bought a 2012 Luts Winter event head from me. Communication was great and payment was received quickly.

      Thank you so much for an easy and pleasant transaction.
    10. Alphonse bought a Luts Yder head with default makeup from me recently~
      Payment was prompt and communication was great.

      Everything went smoothly-- thank you!
    11. Alphonse adopted my SOOM Windwalker Io Scar from me. They paid promptly and were very patient with me (I am bi-coastal and we had to wait until I was in the state where the doll was to complete the transaction). Great communication and I would certainly recommend them as a buyer. Thanks and enjoy your new doll! :)