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Feedback thread for AminaMithri

Dec 7, 2006

    1. Thought I should probably get this started. :sweat
      Please post feedback if you've had a transaction with me!

      eBay feedback here under the same name.

      People I've had a good experience with. *PM me if I've forgotten you, cause there's a lot of you!*
    2. We had many different transactions: I bought at least two wigs and some eyes from AminaMithri, we also traded some stuff, and she organized a Kstarr group order in which I participated. Everything went wonderfully well~!:cake:
    3. I'm a bad, bad buyer. I bought eyes from AminaMithri back in November, and they were sent fast. It was a great transaction!
    4. I bought a set of eyes a couple weeks ago. They arrived super fast! Much quicker service than I expected from Canada to USA transit. The eyes must have been sent out about 5 seconds after I paid for them. It was a real pleasure thank you so much!
    5. Amina made a pair of pants for Santeria...they are tight and superb!~ :D
      I had a great transaction with a great friend of mine!! :aheartbea Thanks again! ^_~
    6. I bought a doll + accessories from AminaMithri last week. Everything went wonderfully. ^.^
    7. AminaMithri bought a wig from me. It was a very good transaction :)
    8. I just had a smooth transaction with AminaMithri. I purchaseds 2 pairs of boots from her & they arrived promptly just as described. I would not hesitate to transact with AminaMithri in the future.
    9. Many transactions =) all well executed and swift. Many group orders (one underway) with her and I never had any troubles at all. =) Don't hesitate!
    10. Just bought some boots from AminaMithri...... Great transaction!!! Thanks!

      :D :D :D
    11. Aminamithri made some amazing socks for my little Ala~! :aheartbea

    12. Purchased an excellent pair of boots from AminaMithri - all went smoothly, they were nicely packed and I had them in no time. Highly Recommend****
    13. I bought two shirts. They arrived in a timely manner, and are well made and as described. Thanks! :D
    14. I bought two shirts, and even though there was a little problem with mailing, AminaMithri was super nice about it. I got everything and it is all very prettily made. Great transaction!
    15. I purchased an Elfdoll Catsy from AminaMithri and could not be happier with the transaction!

      Catsy and all of her belongings were 100% as described and photographed. Communication was prompt, clear and friendly. Shipping was UNBELIEVABLY fast, and Catsy was securely packed and shipped.

      Highly recommend this lovely seller! Always nice to do business with good people!

      - Wendy
    16. I've just finished a trade with her, and it went as smooth as I could hope it would. Communication was great, item was safely packed, and it was exactly as decribed. a definate recommendation!
    17. I've done two commissions for AminaMithri and she was a sweetheart to work with both times. She has good communication and paid quickly with no problems at all. :)
    18. I bought the Dollheart Valentine gown from AminaMithri. The outfit was packaged very carefully and sent out promptly, she is a fab seller! I highly reccomend her!!:thumbup
    19. Hi! Just had a great transaction with AminaMithri. I bought 2 wigs and they were both in beautiful condition--just like new--and they arrived quickly. Good price too!! Excellent transaction -- Thanks!
    20. I bought a wonderful Earl outfit from AminaMithri. I adore this look! The whole deal was sweet and easy from beginning to end. I highly recommend AminaMithri to anyone!!
      Thanks very much!!