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Feedback Thread for and from Zadkhiel!

Jun 1, 2006

    1. As per the new rules of the Feedback Forum, I'm creating my own thread so people can post feedback.

      If I've bought from you, I'd sincerely appreciate it if you took a minute to leave me some feedback and I'll be sure to pay you back in kind.

      Thanks a bunch!


      ~ Z


      POST 2: My feedback for other sellers/buyers

      POST 3 & BEYOND: Feedback left by other people for me
    2. i done bussiness with steph excellent person quick buyer terrific and we talk actually very often due to it i enjoy doing bussiness with people like her ^_^
    3. Swift buyer, excellent communication, overall wonderful transaction. Really friendly, and just, a pleasure to work with. Thank you again!! ^_^!!
    4. So happy the PJs fit! (Likely told me that eariler, lol) Very friendly and easy to deal with! :fangirl:
    5. My experience with Stephanie goes above and beyond. She not only fills a sales request, EXACTLY as asked for, but she takes time to get into your heart, and stories.

      I have been doing business on this board for over two years, and always had wonderful experiences. Stepanie takes this all to a much more personal, and deeper feeling level, that has touched me greatly.

      What can I say, she is an angel. If you buy or sell with her, it will probably be surounded in fairy dust ;)

      Aside from that, very equitable, dependable seller.

      Hugs sweetie. YOU Rock!!!
    6. I just got my Nabee Head today and what can I say... I'm the happiest girl in the world. :3nodding: Stephanie was a fabulous seller and all the little touches like the colour on the note and little stars were just phenomenal.

      She was just a great person to deal with all around and I'd happily buy from her many times over!

    7. Did a group order and a split with Zadkhiel, a pleasure to deal with! Always positive and great communication! One of DoA's best!! :D
    8. I bought an Obitsu Gretel head and bust from Stephanie, and she was so sweet and great to work with! She shipped the items so quickly, and even wrote me a sweet note... ;___; WITH A GLITTER PEN.

      Buy with confidence from Zadkhiel -- she's really awesome. Here's my new girl, Lavinia, sporting her first faceup. :3




      Once I can figure out how to string her to her bust, she'll be sitting on that. X3
    9. Zadkhiel bought a pair of glass eyes from me and was absolutely lovely to deal with~ she paid promptly and was very nice! Thanks again~ :)
    10. I bought a pair of eyes from Zadkhiel and they arrived in their original packaging with a nice clean log of white eye clay to use as well. She's very friendly in her PMs and she keeps in contact throughout the whole transaction. ^_^