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Feedback thread for Angelguardian

Mar 2, 2007

    1. This is a feedback thread about me. Please post your feedback here if you have had a transaction with me.


      Janine in PA/Angelguardian
    2. Janine bought a SD16 Olivia fashion from me. Perfect transaction, very nice PM's and contact, pleasant and nice to deal with. Would buy from or sell to Janine without hesitation. - Barb in MA
    3. I bought the Luts Cyber Bohemian Shiwoo outfit/ wig /boots from Janine, and she is an absolute pleasure to work with! Great communication, and I received the package so quickly! Everything was packed nicely.

      Thanks Janine!
    4. Janine purchased the Count Vernejet Fullset outfit from me and the transaction went so wonderfully smoothly - I absolutely recommend her as a buyer and would have no problems doing business with her in the future. :3

      Such a wonderful and fun person to deal with!
    5. I had another wonderful transaction with Janine. She bought a custom made Chainmail tunic from me. She was wonderful about getting me the infomation I needed to make it, paid very promptly, and she is an absolute pleasure to do business with.

      I Highly reccomend her!
    6. Janine was wonderful to deal with. She gave me a great deal! The doll was shipped quickly arrived with everything listed, and she answered all emails! Thanks again! Barbara
    7. Janine participated in one of my Luts group orders, and it couldn't have gone smoother. She knew what she wanted, communicated clearly and was a pleasure to deal with...to top it off, she's also a really cool lady! Thanks Janine, and everyone, she is 100% golden!
    8. Angelguardian bought SD13 Boy Option hands from me.

      All of PMs were sweet, polite and fast. Payment was done quickly :)
      Angelguardian is a very nice buyer!! I highly recommend her.

      Thank you very much :aheartbea :aheartbea
    9. I bought a Juri 05 head off Janine last year. She is a sweetheart to deal with :D

    10. I picked up/bought a SD16 Ruby for her. She payed promptly once I had it in hand. Wonderful communication, great to deal with.

    11. Janine and I split a Minimee order twix the two of us. Great person to deal with, and I hope we contiune to collaborate on our projects!
    12. Janine bought a Unidoll Real body from me. She was a wonderful buyer, and very nice in all communications.

      POSITIVE! :thumbup
    13. Janine bought my DIM Minimee Custom Johnny Depp head and was wonderful to deal with! Very patient, sweet and kept in great communication! I highly recommend!! ^^
    14. I was in a GO with Angelguardian for a Minimee Beauty and the Beast Vincent head, and it about the best I've been in, she answered my many questions when I was looking for a body and eyes and kept us up to date on the progress...my head was shipped on 4/19 and I got it today 4/21 well packaged and wonderful!

      thank you so much for giving me the chance to get my ultimate holy grail doll!!!!
    15. Janine helped set up a GO for Beauty and the Beast Vincent DIM minimee. She is so sweet to work with and coordinated all of the payments perfectly. She helped keep us all organized and in the know. I highly recommend her for any transaction.
    16. Angelguardian helped run a GO in which I took part, and she was incredible to work with. She was prompt with PMs when I jumped in at the last minute, kept us all informed, was super nice, and is just a fantastic person. Thanks so much!
    17. I bought a Lati Adel from Angelguardian (by way of my mother XD). He's been here for a while, but since I just arrived at home I've just now had a chance to look at him. He's AMAZING. He got here in perfect condition, with not a thing wrong with him, and bubble-wrapped enough to package a small child. >D I'm pretty ridiculously thrilled right now. :aheartbea
    18. Janine ran and EXCEPTIONAL Viggo Mortensen Minimee group order. She was incredibly communicative, fair, upbeat and excellent to deal with. It would be my pleasure to deal with her again anytime.
    19. Angelguardian ran a GO for an Aragorn/Viggo head. She was a dream to work with, kept everyone informed all the way through, and is very friendly. I cannot recommed her highly enough!!:D
    20. Angelguardian ran a GO for a Viggo Mortensen MNM. She was fantastic to work with. She kept everyone up to date with information and was really personable. One of the best people I've worked with on this site or off. :D