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Feedback Thread for ApterousAngel

Aug 22, 2007

    1. Please leave feedback here if you have had a transaction with me~
    2. ApterousAngel bought a head from me and was great to deal with! Would highly recommend!
    3. ApterousAngel bought a Juri head from me. She paid promptly and was friendly. A pleasure to deal with.
    4. Participated in one of my group orders! Very prompt payer, thank you! ^^
    5. ApteriousAngel participated in a Soom Group Order that I ran and ordered items from my shop. Paid quickly and had excellent communication. highly recommended.
    6. ApterousAngel participated in my dollmore group order. quick payment and very friendly.
    7. ApterousAngel was part of my Migidoll group order. She was great to work with, good communications and fast pay. Thanks so much!!
    8. ApterousAngel participated in my Leekeworld group order, was just a love from start to finish. She was prompt with payment, and followed the group order directions to the T;)
    9. ApterousAngel made fast payment in my 4D Javi group order, and got all the info that was needed. Glad to help, and thanks!
    10. ApterousAngel bought a head from me, she was quick with her payment and very friendly, great buyer!
    11. Feedback coming a little bit late, but...

      ApterousAngel joined a group order I ran for a DIM MNM Hitsugi. Was a great participant! Payments came promptly and communication went smoothly! Thank you! <3
    12. ApterousAngel bought an Iplehouse Mars from me on layaway. she was very nice and paid promptly on time. She kept great communication the whole time. I highly recommend her, and I will buy/sell with her again
      Thank you