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Feedback Thread for Arella

Sep 10, 2006

    1. I've had many transactions here at DoA before, and I have 100% feedback on Ebay (although I don't use it nowadays). I've restarted faceup commissions and dress sales, so I wanted some feedback for those who are first-timers with me!

      Thanks. :)
    2. I've purchased several dresses from Arella in the past and she has always been super sweet and prompt with mailing them out! Her sewing is extremely well-done too! I highly recommend her!
    3. Arella's dresses are extremely well made, and she herself is a peach :)
    4. I bought my Toppi with a custom face-up by Arella. I must say she is very pleasant to transact with & her work is outstanding! She's a doll herself! :)
    5. I bought a dress from Arella, and everything went well. She was even kind enough to keep the dress on hold until I got the payment arranged. She came across as a very reliable trader.
      Thank you, Arella, for the beautiful dress.
    6. I bought a dress from Arella and I love it!!! ^__^ is very well made and super cute! I recommend her! :cheer
    7. I just bought a dress from Arella and when I recieved it, I was overjoyed at how beautiful the dress was! It's hard to believe (for me!) that someone can sew this well! The dress is flawless! Did I mention it was beautiful? ;)
      She shipped the dress super fast and I recieved it within just a couple days! And it came very well packaged!

      I cannot wait to get a chance to purchase another one of her gorgeous dresses! :whee:
    8. I bought my Tsubaki boy through her (I believe she was selling him for a friend) and have truly gotten such a blessing! She was so nice and great to deal with. :3
    9. Arella did a face-up for my Piccolo, not only was she great to work with but she did an awesome job on it.
    10. Arella just did 2 new "face-ups" for my Volks Magie & Kasumi. Beyond the obvious that she is a talented artist, she always maintained consistent & frequent communication, letting me know about the expected timeline. She photographed & made sure the final face-up was how I requested before sending them on their way home. I would not hesitate again to have any of my dolls spend sometime at her "spa!" Thank you Arella! ♥
    11. I have bought the nice and cute Elliott (Secret Doll Yoi) from Arella.
      She is so nice and kind to deal with!
      Thank you very much dear, your Elliott will be loved here ^_^/
    12. Arella did a faceup for my volks megu. She's very nice and very fast shipper! i got my doll head 2 days before i expected it!! She's very good at what she does and is very good when it comes to updating you with your faceup order!
      I'm very pleased and in the future I'm planning to have her do my boy too!
      thanks a bunch Arella!!
    13. I just received my Megu head back from Arella and she did a wonderful and professional faceup. I'm very pleased. She kept in constant contact with me the whole time. I posted a picture of her in the Volks four sister database.
    14. i ordered another faceup by Arella and like i said before she's really nice and did very awesome work!! me and my sister love it very much!! Hope she can do more faceups for me in the future!!
    15. I Just had my volks Kun painted by Arella and she is _amazing_. The doll came today and to say the least, I was speechless. Not enough good things can be said, Arella's work is fantastic and utterly perfect. Here's a picture of Callaway, and it does her no justice at all. Thanks so much for the great job! I feel like I have a whole new doll ^_^

    16. I just got my MSD F-02 back from getting a faceup by Arella. There is not enough words to say how thrilled I am. She is beautiful, perfect! Arella was kind and kept in touch the whole time, thank you for a great transaction.

      Here's Anita with her new face up (This picture does her no justice at all)
    17. Arella is a very sweet person and gave my Tsubaki a very pretty and well done face up. However, except for the fact that she's a girl this is not even remotely face up I asked for or wanted. She blushed when I said not to at all and did not give a smile, and wanting the smile was the key reason I chose her as an artist. She told me that her turnaround would be 2 weeks, so I guessed 4 on the outside to be fair, since life eats into painting time, but Teddy was with her for 8 weeks. In the end I told her that the face up was what I wanted - when it wasn't at all - because I missed my doll very much and wanted her back. As I said, Arella is very nice and did a good face up, but I feel I should be honest.
    18. Arella did a sweet faceup for me.

      Thanks Arella!
    19. I bought a doll from Arella, and communication was great, she was increadibly friendly, and the doll is in excellent condition and amazingly CUTE!!!!

      Thank you so much!
    20. I purchased a lovely Yo-SD sized dress from Arella. Not only was communicating with her wonderful, but the shipping was super quick and the dress is even more adorable in person than in her photos. Arella is wonderful to do business with!