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Feedback Thread for Ashercroix

Jan 3, 2010

    1. An excellent buyer with pleasure heart!

      Ashercroix brought me doll head part.
      With Ashercroix's great dealing and fast transfer ,I recommended Ashercroix a good buyer.

      Thank you. :D
    2. Ashercroix bought some custom eyes from me and it was a perfect transaction! Thank you so much :)
    3. Ashercroix bought a doll wig from me ^^ Smooth transaction, quick payment, very pleasant to deal with <3 I recommend most highly. =3
    4. Ashercroix participated in IOS GO I ran. She was very communicative throughout the process and paid every invoices on time.
      She was a wonderful participant and I would welcome her with an open arm any time in for future GOs :D

      Thank you so much for a wonderful transaction <33
    5. Bought a pair of eyes from me and transaction went wonderfully, thank you! :)
    6. Ashercroix bought two SD heads from me. Payment was very quick, and she was very patient with me getting them shipped out. Would love to do business with her again.
    7. Ashercroix joined my Iplehouse GO and the entire transaction was flawless. Communication was friendly, payments were prompt and she was very understanding of some health issues that came up in our family which delayed shipping a little bit. I would gladly wok wit her again.
    8. Ashercroix was an absolute joy to have as part of my Crobidoll GO. Super friendly, excellent communication, and prompt payment. Thanks again so much for joining my GO!
    9. Ashercroix bought a Anos head from me and was a perfect transaction, payment was quick and she was very nice person, 100% recommendable
    10. Ashercroix bought a body from me. She was always nice to talk with, paid exactly when she said she would, and let me know when the box arrived. I'd happily do business with her again ^__^
    11. Ashercroix bought a wig from me. communication was great and the transaction went smoothly. Would gladly work with her again ^^
    12. Positive feedback

      I sold some eyelashes to Ashercroix and though there were some issues with the lashes being mislabeled and packaged as doll lashes and actually being human lashes, however Ashercroix was totally wonderful about the whole thing and super understanding and helpful and everything was sorted out.:thumbup
      I highly recommend Ashercroix as a buyer and appreciate their patience and understanding throughout the transaction:hug:
    13. Ashercroix purchased some MSD oxfords from me and it was a great transaction! She paid lightning fast and let me know as soon as the shoes arrived. She was also great to talk with! Can't ask for a more seamless transaction. Thank you so much and hope your new boy is treating you well.
    14. Ashercroix participated in my Leeke world group order and was a pleasant participant. Prompt payment and let me know when the items arrived.