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Feedback Thread for aslah

Sep 30, 2006

    1. Hello :D

      Would love it if people who've dealt with me can leave a feedback.

      Thank you <3
    2. Aslah is amazing!! I love the artwork she does and she's just so friendly and fast with her replies :)


      I love that piece of work she did for me :) She pictured my triplets more acurately than I ever could :)
      Thank you Aslah!!
    3. Oozars, me too. ;D Aslah was awesome to work with - she was really fast, and her art is FANTASTIC! I highly reccomend her!

    4. Aslah took on a pretty challenging picture for me. :) She did a great job at coloring in Sliver with great accuracy to his actual patches. Yay for Aslah!

    5. I LOVE ASLAH!

      I'm not gonna showcase the piece she did for me, but she said it was her hardest, longest and biggest piece. WHOO! :D

      I have to watermark it first. I LOVE IT!

      Thank you Aslah!!!!

    6. Aslah is amazingly nice, always friendly and a complete pleasure to work with for commissions. I so totally love the picture she drew for me, and I would definitely recommend her.
    7. I luv Aslah~ ^^ She is so very talented, so nice, and very fast! It was my first experience having one of my dolls customised with a new face-up, and working with Aslah was like a dream~ I highly recommend her!!
    8. she did the modding of my pinky [lati chiam] very nice to work with :D :D
    9. I've just received the gorgeous outfit I bought from ashla 8 days ago. It is exactly as she described it. The whole transaction was very smooth and pleasant.Thank you very much
    10. I had a head modified and painted by aslah. The work was of a very high standard and she was very easy to communicate with. Thank you for a wonderfully well done job!
    11. I just got my girl back after being customized by Aslah and I'm so happy with her! She was friendly and always quick to respond, a real pleasure to work with in addition to being immensely talented. She brought my dear to life, well to resin, and I can't thank her enough. Thank you for your great work! <3
    12. Aslah modded and painted a head for me and throughout the entire process was a delight to communicate with. My boy turned out AMAZING. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a faceup. :)
    13. Why in the world have I not commented on this wonderful person yet? Just brick me now LOL She's wonderful to deal with. keeps you up to date on everything she does. and she takes great care when sending things back.......... no matter what they are. ^___^ she painted my three GoGuys, and never once treated them like they were less of a doll because they were not resin.
      ~~~~*BIG hearts to her*~~~~
    14. Aslah did a most brilliantly awesome job doing the faceup for my Minimee head. I couldn't be happier - she's got major skills! And she was, as always, really lovely to deal with and kept me up to date with pics and info and stuff and it was a great way to do business. ^_____^ Thanks again Aslah!


      edit: Piccypiccypiccy! :D

    15. I just received a custom-painted SA Hound head from Aslah. Everything about this trascation went perfectly, and I am extremely pleased with the incredibly beautiful job done on his face-up.

      Thanks so much for a great sale - from a very appreciative buyer!

      Edited on 8-29-07 to add photos. He's too beautiful not to show....


    16. This is my second commission from Aslah, one art and one face-up, and again she was a complete pleasure to work with. She was patient with me while I tried to figure out what I wanted in a face-up and even ended up re-doing the eyebrows on my boy. I completely love what she did for him, Alec looks so much better and wow Aslah does a gorgeous job on lips!
    17. Positive feedback for you! Lovely wig, thanks! ^^
    18. Aslah has very good faceup skills and very pleasant throughout despite my complete lack of descriptive skills. She's very patient and polite as well and very nice to work with. The faceup turned out very beautifully as well
    19. Aslah gave my Lu-Wen heads gorgeous faceups! They are both meant to be the same character, than they do look identical. :) She gave me progress pics at several stages of completion, and made a couple of adjustments that I requested. Despite some hectic things going on for her offline, she's been friendly and great to work with :) Thanks very much! :D