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Feedback Thread for atrika

Jun 25, 2006

    1. This is a feedback thread about me. Please post your feedback here if you have had a transaction with me^^.


      from buyer:
      Traversty - a old type DM girl body, new condition, with extras (ugg boots, shirt n eyes + bag)

      from seller:
      ishalei - SD13 emma outfit fullset.

      for buyer:
      Traversty - a old type DM girl body, new condition
      faesmom - Custom luts face-up lishe head.
      Pansy - new Soom Gena default face-up and soom eyes, including shipping 130.
      Rattimoth - Bratz carrier
      nette - Elfdoll body
      julia - Elf Bambicrony NS blank Kumi head
      ChocoMeijin - Kellyset1
      Solo_Arcana - MNF NS Shiwoo blank no face-up/eyes/wig.
      AerynAerie - DM Kid Girl Body + extra hand parts.
      Nymphetish - Kelly pink dress + pink shoes.
      Bubbledreams - Leekeworld SD wig.
      Birju_Lachi - a noix PF alice dress.
      Kotori - a Lati Yellow dress by Joo Li.
      Sadistic_x_Blood - a blonde wig with heart clips.
      Yumiko_Ito - a Chari wig with a pair of green eyes.
      Lynsey - a Lati Christmas L wig.

      for seller:
      Ayaka - Chari wig for msd.
      Lauryn - Toppi fullset outfit
      ishalei - SD13 emma outfit fullset.
      mintneko - Midori preschool fullset.
      Toety - Kun head with wigs and 2 pairs of eyes.
      Zilaw - DP17 outfits pajama with bunny and cocoa jumpersuit for boy.
      Rolopuppet - SD10 Kun body.

      Littleblackcloud - split MNF Elf Shiwoo.
      Selmada - DoD DoC Sleeping Elf Yen fullset outfit, wig and eyes.
      bpanda - DoD DoC Sleeping Elf Yen body.

      jaeninha - Ltd Nov 06 Volks SD13G outfit from Volks USA.
      jaeninha - SDC Kurt.

      effigy - Brand new Gena body.

      BJD related on ebay:
      shii-san - lishe body blushed by me
      littlemouse1958 - dollmore sd carrier

      anyone i forgot to give feedback please inform me.^^ I am very generous with feedback, it is important on DOA, and i always try to remember everyone i can.

      my ebay feedback:
      please read my selling feedback on ebay for ur peace of mind. I am also a verified Paypal member.

      i try my best in my power for u to have a good transaction^^.
      I dont like giving bad feedbacks, and I always try to work it out. If you have given me bad feedbacks within reason i will list it here as well.

      Turynn - supposed to split a DOD Homme Ducan, but member was having problem and lost contact.
    3. Bought Elf doll body from Atrika, Well packaged, fast shipping and great communication, thanks :D
    4. I bought my MNF Shiwoo from Atrika. Excellent to deal with. Great communication with me, and even transmitted my concerns with service to Luts. Very happy with deal. ^___^
    5. I bought a Luts face-up Lishe head from Atrika a while back. She was very friendly and communicative, and shipped very quickly. A+!
    6. I bought a Kelly outfit from Atrika, and it arrived today. Atrika is a great user to deal with, I highly suggest her!
    7. I bought a pretty little dollmore girl body from atrika and it arrived well packed, in excellent condition! ^__^ atrika answered all my questions and was super nice to deal with! I would definetely buy from atrika again. :)
    8. I bought an SD Leeke wig from Atrika. Very friendly, very patient, good communication, fast transaction, fast delivery. I highly recommend her~
    9. Super duper A+ for this girl! We split a MNF elf and she made great correspondence, always let me know when she heard anything, and even sent me pics when he arrived at her place. He came in flawless condition!
      Thanks again!!!
    10. I purchased a NdR LE Alice dress for my PF from Atrika. Correspondence was great and item was well packaged so it arrived safely. Thanks so much!
    11. I bought a cute Lati 'yellow' dress from Atrika, Great to deal with, prompt shipping. Not to mention the dress is so cute too. :) Thanks
    12. I bought a wig from atrika and the transaction went smoothly. It's a great little wig! Thanks! A+
    13. I bought a wig and a pair of eyes from Atrika and they're in excellent conditions!^O^ Great seller!!!! :D THANK YOU!
    14. Great transaction. Did a split for the outfit on a limited and everything arrived perfectly.

    15. Splited a DoC Elf Yen with atrika, fast shipping, good communication, very nice to deal with. Would defenately buy/split with her again.
      Many thanks! :)
    16. had a sales transaction with Atrika and payment was prompt, communication was clear and immediate, and would definately recommend this buyer!

      and very nice and pleasent too!
    17. I bought a head from Atrika. He arrived well-wrapped, in perfect condition :) Her communication was prompt and very helpful~
    18. Bought a SD body from Atrika. It arrived in perfect condition and quickly. We kept good communication even during the DoA blackout. Thank you very much!
    19. Atrika bought an LE outfit from me, and she was very speedy with her communication and payment~ a delight to work with! :D
    20. I bought Lati Red pants from atrika. She was very nice and the pants came WAY faster than I expected!
      I'd definitely buy from her again. :aheartbea
      Thank you so much! :3