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Feedback thread for Avyn <3

Mar 5, 2008

    1. Please leave any feedback for me here ^_^
      For now I'm only really acting as a buyer, but I'm working at making some clothing over the next couple of weeks, so well see how it goes!

      Thank you very much!

      Avyn <3
    2. Avyn purchased a pair of goth-boots from me. Her PMs were friendly, payment came quickly and she let me know when they arrived. Thanks for a quick and smooth transaction.
    3. Avyn purchased several outfits from me. She was a pleasure to deal with. Communication was great and payment was quick.

      Hope your boys like the outfits. Thank you.
    4. Fast PM replies and prompt payment. Definitely a recommended buyer! ^__^v
    5. I know Avyn outside of DoA. I knew she's a great person and she didn't let me down. I bought a guitar from her, arrived fast and well packed. Thank you. <3
    6. I sold Ayn my Luts SDF Ethan.

      Avyn was truly wonderful to work with. She was very friendly and courteous, she replied quickly to my PMs, and had an awesome amount of patience during the long weeks of the transaction. Whenever I had a question, she would reply promptly and thoroughly. <3

      I highly recommend Avyn. Thank you so much for making this transaction a pleasure! :"D

    7. Sold some more outfits to Avyn who was a wonderful buyer as always. Payment was fast and communication was good. Thanks again.
    8. Sold a couple of pairs to jeans to Avyn. She was prompt with payment and communicative and notified me when goods arrived. :) Thank you!
    9. Avyn bought a Minimee Zack Fair head from me and was fantastic to work with. Her replies were prompt, as was payment, and she was always polite. I would definately work with her again and recommend her as a buyer.

      Thanks for a great transaction ^__^
    10. Had a fantastic transaction with Avyn. Sold her a Kyle head and communication was great. She was very patient too, so I'm very thankful for that. Would definitely do business with her again. Thanks so much! :)
    11. I've sold a pair of acrylic eyes to Avyn.
      She was a sweetheart all along the transaction : communication was very friendly and pleasant, payment was prompt, and she let me know when the parcel arrived.
      It was a pleasure to do business with her, and I would happily deal with her again ^_^.
      Thanks, Avyn !
    12. I sold three pairs of eyes to Avyn, and she was just wonderful to deal with! Extremely polite and helpful, she updated me several times to maintain contact and told me as soon as the eyes arrived (which was a relief since sending them to another country is always difficult). She paid quickly and without incident and was just a real pleasure.

      I would deal with her again any time!
    13. Avyn bought a pinstriped suit coat from me. Her replies were really fast and payment was prompt too.

      Thank you for the lovely transaction! :)
    14. Avyn bought a Luts Wintery 09 SDF Head from me (with Event Face-Up). She was so friendly, always kept in contact, paid on time & let me know as soon as the head arrived. She was a pleasure to deal with & I wouldn't hesitate to deal with her again ^_^
    15. I did a Face up for Avyn. She is always a real pleasure to work with. Thank you so much.
    16. Avyn bought a bobobie body from me and was a pleasure to deal with! great communication, prompt payment and very kind. I would definatly deal with Avyn again :)
    17. I sold 2 pairs of eyes to her. Very good buyer, nice with PMs and payment on time. Thanks :)
    18. Avyn bought a pair of Elfdoll hands from me. She was polite, friendly, easy to deal, and a super fast payer! A true pleasure to deal with. Thanks!
    19. Avyn bought an Impldoll Christper head from me. She was very friendly and polite. Payed on time and she notified me when the package arrived ^^
      I highly recommend her!
    20. I sold two wigs to Avyn and I must say she was great to work with! Very polite and responds very quick to notes, she also pays quickly. I would sell to her again anytime and I recommend her highly! A+ buyer and wonderful to deal with!