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Feedback thread for Axeonos

Mar 30, 2009

    1. good? bad? since ill be selling stuff soon i thought it would be a good idea for others to see how i service- money wise and shipping are important to me, i do hope you take this thread to heart :)
    2. Axeonos participated in my Dollmore group order. She was friendly, had great communication, and was overall lovely to work with! Thank you so much!
    3. I bought Amber's eyes from Axeonos. The eyes were in perfect condition and she did not overcharge me. I would certainly do business with Axeonos again!
    4. Axeonos bought a pair of eyes from me. Transaction was super easy and smooth, communication was great, payment was received promptly. Highly recommended Axeonos as a buyer!
    5. Axeonos participated in my Luts GO. Great to deal with, friendly communication and quick payment. Thanks again!
    6. Axeonos participated in my Dollmore GO. She paid quickly, always answered e-mails quickly and was a fantastic transaction partner. I highly recommend her to other sellers/GO runners.
    7. Axeonos participated in my M3 studio group order! Excellent communication, and super fast payment! would love to work with Axeonos again!! Thank you~
    8. Axeonos commissioned me for faceup and hoof blushing for her soom AI. She was an absolute pleasure to work with. Hope to work with again in the future.
    9. Axeonos participated in Soom Aphan split I ran and she was an absolute pleasure to deal with.
      If there was any concern, she always contacted me and the communication was great. Payments were made promptly and if there was any delay, she let me know about it.
      I am very pleased with my split transaction with her and wouldn't hesitate to deal with her again!
      Thank you!
    10. Axeonos was an amazing buyer! She bought a body on layaway from me and paid right when she said she would! Perfect to deal with would do bussiness agine!
    11. I'm skipping the usual information blah blah blah, about the general transaction. The transaction went well, of course. More importantly, it was a really fun transaction because of her sense of humor. It's nice to receive private messages when you're cracking up. I wish she hadn't moved away from Vegas!
    12. Positive! Axeonos joined my LUTS split. We paid LUTS via a layaway and Axeonos made all payments on time, and one payment early. Communication was friendly and prompt. I couldn't have asked for a better split partner! The best part? Axeonos left me the best feedback ever. Super funny! Thank you!!! :aheartbea