Feedback thread for Ayaka

Jul 11, 2006

    1. Ayaka was part of my Leeke Group Order and paid quickly and was easy to work with. :)
    2. I was a part of Ayaka's CH group order, and the experience was problem-free. She handled the order very well. My items arrived in a timely manner.
    3. Feedback is important, and since I'm going about leaving it for everyone I have record of dealing with back to December of 2005, I hope that anyone who has dealt with me or does in the future will use this thread, too. ^^

      Also, my eBay feedback is available.

      Had positive experience selling to: (Includes group orders I ran) akane--chan; AminaMithri; Amy; ApolloniAAshlyn; Brennil; CL; Cynthia in Flinthills; darthmissy; desdisques; hello_sunshine; IanKunX; Jenova; Jolarocknrolla; Juumou; kirane; Kiyono; kyos_kilt; Kurosakura; Little_miss134; lyrajean (twice); Lyn04; MelissaS; Misa-chan; Misuka; morbidollz; Nepenthes; pamela7428; Pansy; Prysm; purplekaren; purplewiz; rhii; rhinestonej; Sae; Scarlet (twice); severedlips; Sheri; Sour_Dotz; takira; Tarouchan; tappindoll; Zechsy.

      Had positive experience buying from: Annika; Beckers; chibinezu; DD-ANNE (great boots); Fatwetdog; gabriel; Icarus; julia; kaorucamui; Kurosakura; Lotte Rotten; nikkitin; rkold (multiple times); Rebecca in FL; Sabriell; sada; Sat; Shoko86; SFSakana; twigling; zoi_no_miko.

      I am singling out some big purchases; I had an EXCELLENT experience buying a doll body and outfit from Beckers; excellent experience buying Zoukeimura eyes from gabriel; excellent experience with a Shirou head which we did on layaway for kirane; and was paid immediately by kyos_kilt and Nepenthes for expensive group order purchases. Also had a successful trade with Lyssa for LE heads.
    4. Bought a pair of eyes, arrived today well packaged. Thank You!
    5. Just received a gakuran suit from AyaKa. Excellent service thanks!
    6. twigling's tick of approval for Ayaka who bought a pair of Enchanted eyes from me. Smooth transaction ~ thank you:D
    7. Great to deal with. Got a really cute outfit. Thanks!
    8. I was in Ayaka's recent Luts group order. I just received the items and everything is beautiful! She was very wonderful to deal with! ^o^

      Thank you!
    9. i was also in the luts group order and i got the items i needed without any hassle

      thanks again ayaka :fangirl:
    10. I was in the Luts group order and got my item super fast. :) Thanks!
    11. I sold a Volks Sakaki body to her and she paid when she said she would, on time. She was also pretty good and fair about contacting me with her concerns and issues.
    12. I quickly received my part of the Luts group order. Thank you so much.
    13. Received my Luts group order items yesterday, thanks alot! <3
    14. Luts group order went smooth as butter. I received my items today and I'm very happy. :)
    15. Did a Luts group order, and all went well. Got my boots today (ended up in the wrong post box, but our new postman is... not smart. ;) )
      Would defenately do an order with her again. :)
    16. I've sold items several times to Ayaka and she is a lovely buyer, paying very fast and always responding fast to PMs. She's always friendly and courteous and I would engage in future transactions with her!
    17. I bought a pair of eyes from Ayaka and she was quick to reply to my questions and very easy to work with ^^ Defintely reccomended as a seller!

    18. I did a trade with Ayaka and everything went fabulous. It's always a bit scarey doing a trade, especially with an LE head, but our trade went smoothly.

      I would definitely recommend Ayaka
    19. Ayaka bought a pair of Zouks from me. Payment was fast and great communication throughout the transaction. Thanks!
    20. She bought a papir of ED eyes from me. Wonderful to work with! :D Thank you!