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Feedback Thread for bakayaro onna

Oct 1, 2006

    1. Since I do purchase items here pretty frequently, I decided to add a feedback thread so those who have had a transaction with me can leave feedback if they so desire.

      So far, I have had WONDERFUL experiences with all the sellers here at DoA and have nothing but praise for each and every one of you.
    2. Had a great transaction with Bakayaro! Thanks!
    3. Bought some shoes from bakayaro onna, they arrived in THREE days from the US to the UK. Superb!
    4. Sold some eyes to bakayaro onna n_n very friendly and good communication, and prompt payment! I would be more than happy to have more transactions in the future.
    5. Had a great transaction with bakayaro onna! Paid quickly! Thanks!
    6. bakayaro onna joined in on a split order i was running for iplehouse. she got the head and i got the body. she was a quick payer and had awesome communication. i cant thank her enough for helping me get my boy a body.
    7. Sold to bakayaro onna, great buyer, awesome to deal with! :D
    8. bakayaro onna bough clothes from me, excellent communication, reliable buyer. Thanks!!
    9. Ordered some items from me on ebay awhile back. Paid promptly for all items and good feedback was exchanged.

      A little more recently orderred some items from my DOA thread. Paid promtply again. Everything went smoothly. Great communication and let me know when everything arrived. Pleasure to deal with, great person, wonderful buyer. I look forward to (hopefully) more business in the future!
    10. bakayaro onna bought some Dollshe clothes from me :D she bought like almost all my stuff ahahaha!! payment was prompt and she was very communicative :D great customer :D
    11. Bought a shirt from me and all went well ^^ great to deal with!
    12. Participated in my dollmore order. Quick payment and always a pleasure to deal with one of my best friends ^_-
    13. Sold her some shorts, and was paid very promptly, and had great communication! :)
    14. participated in another one of my dollmore group orders. always quick payments and super friendly ^_^
    15. bakayaro onna bought three hats from me. Very prompt at payment, and a real pleasure to work with. Excellent communication, and I look forward to working with her again:aheartbea
    16. The onna is always grande! She participated in another of my luts group orders and as always quick payments and a pleasure to deal with!
    17. Onna bought some clothes from me for her soon to arrive (hopefully) puki. She's fabulous to work with and a fun person to boot!
    18. Our first transaction with onna was great. Quick payment, great communication and a real pleasure to deal with. Thanks so much!
    19. bakayaro onna bought a set of puki sized clothing from me. She paid quickly and was a great communicator. I highly recommend bakayaro onna as a buyer.
    20. *bakayaro onna* bought Puki items from me, communication ~wonderful & sweet~ person to deal with. Thanks! :chibi