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Feedback Thread for BatLover Girl

Aug 1, 2009

    1. Hey guys! If you've had a transaction with me please tell me how I did or if I could improve! Thanks a bunch!
    2. BatLoverGirl purchased a MSD dress from me. She paid promptly, and was wonderful to communicate with. I would not hesitate to do busy with her again. Thanks so much!
    3. Sold a customized handmade furwig to BatLoverGirl. An absolute wonder to work with. Quick payment and fast PMs. Definitely a A+ Buyer! Thumbs Upz! ^_____^v
    4. I just completed a commission for BatLoverGirl and it couldn't have gone more beautifully. Super-fast payment and prompt, friendly communications. BatLoverGirl was a joy to deal with throughout!
    5. BatLoverGirl took part in my leeke GO and it was a wonderful transaction. She was very understanding and communicative all through the procedure. Highly recommend as a GO participants.
    6. Sold an outfit to BatLoverGirl - was a quick & pleasant transaction, one I'd gladly do again. Thanks and enjoy the outfit!
    7. BatLoverGirl sent me a set of Asuka's hair clips, custom molded for my DD. And a 1/3 scale tart! All for free, just because she is an awesome person. I would gladly deal with her again at any time.
    8. BatLoverGirl commission me for a Yukata set... very communicative and patient with me. I would gladly with her again next time :D Thank you
    9. BatLover Girl commissioned me a Make Up on a DD head.
      She was one of the best customer I've ever had!!!
      So nice and friendly, ADORABLE!
      It was a pleasure work for her:aheartbea!!!!!!!
    10. I just received five beautiful little tarts in the mail from BatLoverGirl. They will be the perfect props for my dolls...since they seem to subsist on tea. ^_~

      This was an excellent transaction. BatLoverGirl was happy to help me with any questions and processed my order quickly. Everything arrived safely and each tart was wrapped in adorable tissue paper.

      I very much recommend this seller. ^__^
      Thank you!
    11. BatLoverGirl just bought a pair of Everpurple eyes from me, and it was a perfect transaction! BatLoverGirl was so friendly and quick to respond by PM; she paid just as fast, and was nice enough to let me know that the eyes arrived safely. It was really a pleasure to do business with her, and I hope our paths cross again soon!! :aheartbea
    12. I bought a MSD top from Batlovergirl, she sent it quickly, and it's in excellent shape, just as expected. I would highly recommend her. Thank you so much!
    13. I bought MSD shoes and undies from Batlovergirl, it was sent perfectly and the items were even more lovley in person! I would highly recommend her! :)
    14. She bought clothes from me.She is a very lovely friendly .very welcome your transaction again
    15. I purchased a slim msd dress from Batlovergirl, it arrived quickly with a lovely little thank you note. She was quick to send the dress out and refunded me when the postage came to less than she had said it would be. I would definitely buy from her again :)
    16. Just received my first doll from Batlovergirl. The doll was in excellent condition, I can't find the one flaw she mentioned in the sales thread. The included outfit is also in great shape, and she included matching shoes that were not mentioned in the thread. Everything was well packaged with a thank you note, sweet personal touch. She was so friendly during the whole transaction. I'd be happy to deal with her again.
    17. I purchased some little tarts from BatLoverGirl, and she was so great to work with!! She not only produced some exquisite miniature food, she was even kind enough to help me to set up my own feedback thread! Her food was shipped quickly, and she was very prompt to answer all of my messages. I will most certainly be doing business with her in the future!!
    18. BatLoverGirl bought a pair of volks Omuake boots from me. She was lovely to deal with and paid really quickly. I would have no problems selling to her again :)
    19. Purchased a pair of msd shoes from Batlovergirl! She shipped promptly and kept excellent communication! Thanks so much!!!
    20. Bought clothing back in *cough* December. Was a very smooth transaction, and a great person to deal with!