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Feedback thread for beautifully.tragic

Aug 10, 2009

    1. I am really angry right now.

      I am running a split for Soom MD Cass. Beautifully.tragic pmed me on on the 1st asking to hold the ears for her, she was supposed to give me the final answer 'tomorrow'. While I'd been holding the ears for her there was another person interested - I told the second buyer that I will let her know when I have the final answer. Beautifully.tragic pmed me again on the 3rd:

      "Thanks so much for holding the ears for me, and I will definitely be taking them ^__^ You'll have to explain how payment will work since you're buying Cass layaway o__o I'm just not sure if it's different or if it's just pay now because I could but yeah xD I'm babbling. I'm just excited about Cass now xD...
      Sorry I couldn't get back to you sooner! I ended up working today and just got home literally five monutes ago :doh"

      Of course in this case I could only wish the second buyer luck in finding her ears in another split.

      A few days later I noticed that someone was holding the ears for Beautifully.tragic in another split (they were cheaper than in mine) but I ignored it since Beautifully.tragic could need two pairs - none of my business. In the end the ears were claimed by someone else.

      The next time I pmed her was on the 7th, I pmed her asking her the payment. No reply for two days (imagine how frustrating it is when you're running a split for a Monthly Doll) so I pmed her again on the 9th asking for communication. She got back to me today, on the 10th:

      "Hi there, I'm so sorry I haven't been able to get back to you. I've had a bit of a family crisis this weekend and can no longer buy the ears. My dad is in the hospital.
      I hope this isn't a huge problem. I know you had a back-up buyer, maybe they are still looking."

      The order period for Cass ends on the 15th. It *is* a huge problem.

      Please keep this all in mind when Beautifully.tragic asks to join your split/GO.
    2. I just wanted to explain my side of this transaction and since I can't in persiasecretary's feedback thread, I'll do it here.

      First of all I'd like to say though I did reply to the initial PM later than I would have liked, time zones need to be taken into account. There is an 8 hour difference between Alberta and Polland. It was still August 2 for me when I replied.

      When I agreed to buy the ears I had every intention of going through with it. But my dad has been having medical problems as of late and was admitted to the hospital the night of the 6th. I had not been able to check my e-mails or PMs until the 10th and even then it was only briefly. So of course when I saw the Pm saying persiasecretary was ready to buy, I PMed her back immediately explaining why I couldn't. I had wanted to buy a second pair of ears but I had to say no to those ones too.

      I understand I should have PMed her earlier in the week, and I also understand that I could have explained the situation more, maybe saying before I agreed to buy them that I may have to back out if my dad's medical conditions get worse, but considering the situation, I believe maybe a little sympathy was in order. Had persiasecretary not immediately freaked out maybe we could have discussed the situation a bit more and a solution could have been reached. Especially since the she was buying Cass on layaway.

      As well, though Cass was limited and the ordering period was done on the 15th, considering the popularity of the ears, it should not have been a huge problem to find a second buyer.

      I'm sorry this turned into so much more of an issue than it should have, but I'd would like to say when I had to back out persiasecretary became quite rude to me. Her tone sounded angry and uncaring, very inconsiderate. I believe considering the situation negative feedback was unnecessary. Had it been persiascecretary who had to back out of a split I was hosting because one of her loved ones was in the hospital, I would not have left negative feedback.

      So please keep this all in mind when entering a transaction with me. Thanks for reading.
    3. Beautifully.tragic left me a revenge feedback because of the flakey buyer feedback that I had been mean enough leave her. It has been deleted by a moderator as retaliatory feedback is not allowed on DoA. She hadn't really tried to explain her side of the transaction, just make me look like a bad, mean person. I was going to do her a favor and not update the thread with this bit of information but I am not going to keep quiet when Beautifully.tragic keeps trying to blame me for the bad transaction-- and in her own feedback thread because she couldn't in mine? :sweat

      After Beautifully.tragic finally pmed me to let me know she is dropping out of the split (no, she didn't ask for more time or tried to find any solution-- her pm is quoted in the first comment; there has never been any attempt to find a solution), I sent her one pm letting her know that I don't appreciate it, it is a problem for me and that I have no other choice but to leave her negative feedback for flakiness. No, I didn't call her names. I also belive that my tone was pretty normal. Actually, if I remember correctly, I tried to be polite despite my annoyance with her lack of communication and I wrote that I am sorry for her situation. I don't have this pm anymore but maybe Beautifully.tragic would like to provide it as proof of my rudeness and "freaking out"?

      In the revenge feedback that Beautifully.tragic left me, she admitted that she had dropped out the last minute, she also admitted that she should have pmed me sooner because she had known a couple days before that she will be dropping out. Bad communication, no positive feedback on DoA-- sellers aren't obligated to belive & accept flakey buyers' excuses (everyone could come up with some kind of a story); if something coming up means you no longer can take a part in the split, maybe you should think twice before you declare to join any, and especially the one where the person running it actually bothered to post a warning in order to make everything as smooth and stress free as possible?

      "Please make sure that you will be able to pay for your items on time. I have zero tolerance for not so serious buyers and flakiness. [...]"

      If you still decide to join, please deal with possibility of getting nagative feedback for flakiness. I had every right to leave you one and not send you hugs and kisses for dropping out-- no, it doesn't make me a rude person.

      I really hope it's the last time I had to post in Beautifully.tragic's feedback thread.
    4. Following my friend's advice, I think I need to further elaborate my reply to Beautifully.tragic's lie as here she quite obviously tries to put the blame on me.

      After Beautifully.tragic pmed me on the 10th letting me know she is dropping out she hadn't been on DoA for five days. She had not been aware that I left her negative feedback; the next time she logged in on DoA was on the 15th (in Poland) and the ordering period for Cass had already ended (I belive it was the 16th in Korea). On the 15th she replied to my pm in which I informed her I will be leaving her negative feedback; she was suprised, quite obviously just read the message, and let me know that "she will make sure to leave some feedback on her own", after that she left me the revenge feedback.

      To back-up my words.

      Even if I hadn't left her negative feedback (freaked out?), no solution would be reached.

      I think it will be best to contact the moderators about the matter. Perhaps the thread should be moved to the Problem Transactions subforum and closed in order to avoid further antagonism?
    5. As this is concerning flakey feedback, it remains in the Individual Feedback subforum. As this issue is resolved, and both sides have stated their cases, please refrain from posting any further about it. Thank you!