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[[- Feedback thread for Bifrost -]]

Jul 28, 2006

    1. Hiya~! If you have done any business with me,
      buying or selling, please post here. ^_^

      Thank you! <3 <3 <3
    2. An excellent buyer! Very patient and easy to contact! Highly recommend! Thanks so much! <3
    3. A very informative seller...item was being shipped late but kept me informed and very friendly. Thanks!
    4. Item was shipped slightly late, but she had great contact and kept me updated the whole way ^^ overall a great seller- very friendly and easy to deal with!
    5. Bifrost rules as a seller.

      My little Igon head arrived quickly, safely and very well packed. ^_^
    6. Thanks, everybody~! ^_^ <3<3<3
    7. I sold some little doll props to Bifrost and the transaction went very well. :) Great buyer!
    8. Recieved a pair of hand from bitfrost. I am very happy with them, Thanks!
    9. I bought a shirt from Bifrost. Frost is pleasant and quick to respond to pms. The day Frost got my moneyorder my package was sent. It arived safe and sound and was just like the pictures :). I would gladly do buisness again.
    10. Sorry this is so late~ xD

      I bought a Na-Nu-Ri head from Bifrost not long ago, and she was extremely polite and quick to respond to PMs. ^^ He was shipped a few days late, but stuff happens! Here's a picture of my gorgeous baby~


      When he arrived, I figured out his ears were pierced. I don't mind at all, because I was going to do it myself anyway, but it probably would have been good to know.. ^^;; Just a heads up. Overall, my business with Bifrost was wonderful and I would purchase from her again! Thank you! ^^
    11. Purchased some gooorgeous boots from Bifrost, and is a pleasure to deal with! Very polite in communication and apologetic for the delayed shipping. And when they were shipped they arrived very quickly and in excellent condition! Would most definatley deal with again n_n~
    12. Excellent seller! Packed the doll head very well! Friendly PMs and all in all I am super pleased! Can not go wrong with Bifrost!
    13. I bought some S&K eyes from Bifrost. She was very friendly and nice to deal with. And I love the eyes, they're really lovely! Thank you. :)
    14. I purchased a head from Bifrost and had a wonderful transaction. Communication was excellent and it was packaged wonderfully.
    15. Bifrost is a very trustworthy buyer :) she recently bought an item from me and Was very friendly and paid right away! the communication was great!
    16. Bifrost was part of my Migidoll group order. She was great to work with, paid on time, good communications and all went very smoothly. Thank you!! :aheartbea
    17. I purchased a white sweater from Bifrost recently. Perfect and pleasant transaction!!!
    18. I bought a wig from Bifrost and everything went smoothly. The communication was great, the shipment timely and the wig was in perfect condition! Thanks!!:)
    19. I bought Unoa Lusis 1.5 from Bifrost 8D
      she arrived safely and REALLY well packed *___*!!
      Great communication and very understanding <3
      I highly recommend!!
    20. I just bought a Io lion mask from Bifost. The transaction was great! Shipped at the time promised, great communication, very pleasant to deal with. ^^

      Thank you very much!!