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Feedback Thread for Bittersweetlove

Sep 7, 2006

    1. Bittersweetlove bought a PF wig from me and paid very promptly and always responded to PMs. She was a pleasure to sell to.

      Thanks! :D
    2. I bought a Unoss outfit from bittersweetlove, there was a problem with the tracking saying it'd been delivered and the signature looked fraudulent

      I contacted her to let her know what happened and that Parcelforce believed the package may have gone AWOL but to go to my local PO to see if it'd been dropped off, it hadn't, and the PO said if I had to claim, only the sender could claim for it, not the receiver, so I contacted bittersweetlove with this information but I also told her that the guy I spoke to at Parcelforce was going to speak to the person on delivery to find out what he'd done with it.

      While I was out, Parcelforce rang and left a message with my mother, I phoned them and they said they'd found the package and it was being redelivered. I got it the next day, my mother signed for it and said "there you go, now stop worrying" XD

      The package was beautifully wrapped and there was a cute note with it! I was excited to finally have the Aika outfit for my Unoss. :D

      bittersweetlove was understanding and sweet throughout the whole transaction! She was willing to help out with claiming for a stolen parcel if it came down to it and to let her know, fortunately I didn't have to ask her if she could do this for me as it was sorted out!

      She's informative, friendly and I would definitely do business with her again!