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Feedback Thread for BlackCatNya

Jul 6, 2006

    1. Hello :D
      Please leave me feedback if you feel you have had a good transaction!

      If you could include the:
      Date of the transaction
      If you were the buyer or the seller
      What was sold or bought
      Your comments on the transaction

      Thanks in advance.
    2. Hi!

      Blaclcatnya purchased a Black Luts corset from me last week - Payment was throuh paypal and very quick. Excellent buyer, very polite and sweet - a pleasure to deal with :)
    3. Date of the transaction: Week of June 25th, 2006.
      Buyer or the seller: I was the Seller. :D
      What was sold or bought: Horns and ears for dolls.
      Your comments on the transaction: It was a lovely transaction, very quickly done, and she was a doll to deal with, knew what she wanted and she was very good with communication.

      I would DEFINITELY deal with her again!

      Thank you so much for the great business!

    4. I bought some great eyes from BlackCatNya in March - great transaction! The eyes were as described, communication was friendly and businesslike, and the package came *fast.* I'd buy from her again with confidence!
    5. BlackCatNya is an excellent seller! I highly recommend her. I bought my Volks SDC Arashi fullset from her in August of 2005. To sum it up, all I can say is Friendly, Professional, and the package was safely secured and delivered right to my door in no time at all. I couldn't have asked for a better transaction. :D

      This member rocks my socks! :)
    6. BlackCatNya is great to deal with in every way.

      December 2005 she bought a Volks Shiro from me. She sent the payment very fast, she replied to emails quickly and she let me know as soon as he had arrived. It was enjoyable, friendly and lovely to talk with her, which is always reassuring when you're finding a new home for a doll. I'd deal with her again anytime.
    7. I just received my items from a small group order organized by BlackCatNya. She was great to work with, and the whole process went very smoothly. :) I would definitely buy from her or do another group order without hesitation!

      Betsy :daisy
    8. Hihi

      I just recently participated in a small group order run by BlackCatNya, and I am very happy with the way everything went. There were constant status PMs and even an email when she wasn't sure I'd get the PMs. :D My item came quickly, and she was very, very pleasant to talk to. Yay!
    9. BlackCatNya bought a Luts outfit from me this week....very quck payment and great communication, Thanks!!
    10. Date of the transaction: October, 2005
      Buyer or the seller: I was the Buyer
      What was sold or bought: Tsukasa Konoe
      Your comments on the transaction: Wonderful transaction all around--quick and comfortable communication, lots of information and photos before buying, lightning fast shipping, excellent and thorough packaging, a gorgeous and perfect doll, and an all around pleasure to deal with.

      I wouldn't hesitate to deal with her again, and would recommend her to anyone wanting a top notch buyer or seller!

    11. wonderful seller =)
      i just got my Luts mary janes today
      very nice and great to work with =)
    12. A very fast and pleasant transaction! She offered me many shipping choices & packed everything up nice and securely.

      And we love the tiny chairs. :) Thanks again!
    13. She arrived as happy as a clam. I would definately do another transaction with you. You were the best to deal with and very understanding. THANK YOU!!! A+++++ on everything.

    14. Date of the transaction: Early November (deleted the original pm, sorry!)
      If you were the buyer or the seller: seller
      What was sold or bought: one pirate spyglass
      Your comments on the transaction: Fast payment and a wonderful transaction. Everything a seller could want in a person. :)
    15. Date of the transaction: I believe it was early November..
      If you were the buyer or the seller: Seller
      What was sold or bought: a Scarface Cecile eye
      Your comments on the transaction: Wonderful buyer, she paid very fast and responded fast to my pm's :D
    16. Last week I bought the two green Chinese satin futon bags for dolls. They are really lovely and nicely made! And she was very nice to deal with!
    17. November 19, 2006

      I was the buyer

      A pair of Kkotmu doll legs~ :3

      They arrived quickly, in perfect condition~ she is a wonderful seller! :)
    18. Sold outfit to BC Nya and she's great to deal with - good correspondence,no nonsense and would do again in a NY minute! Enjoy the outfit!!!
    19. Bought a wig from BCN, kept great contact with me, awesome seller! :D
    20. Great buyer fast payment great to sell to thanks! :D would love to do business with her again!