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Feedback Thread for Cassiel

Aug 16, 2004

    1. This is a feedback thread about me.

      Please post your feedback here if you have had a transaction with me.

      (And then please feel free to take some cake for your time: :cake: :cake: :cake: :cake: :) )

      Feedback as Buyer: 7

      Feedback as Seller: 58

      Feedback as a Mod/Person in General: 1 :XD:

    2. I have bought stuff from Cassiel a couple of times; on both occasions she was courteous, and quick to ship. She also helped me buy some things from Volks last time she was in Japan... once again great service & communication, fast shipping — everything in order, Cassiel is very thorough!!! I would/will happily deal with her again:D

      [I think I love having more than 80 chars to speak my mind!! — Take that eB(ilb)ay]
    3. Transaction with cassiel went great!! Nice wig for my boy! :)
    4. I have had several wonderful transactions with Cassiel, including well-made custom wigs and other items from her shop, sale items, and from her shopping service when she was in Japan. (Two of my FCS dolls were through her.)
      Very highly recommended!
    5. I bought Azure through Cassiel, and it was a wonderful experience. She also picked up some rooting hair for me so I could streak his wig, and sold me some MSC too. I would definintely buy through her again!
    6. I've had wonderful transaction w/ Cassiel. Very quick to ship, keeps in contact.
    7. I bought some sunglasses for my El from Cassiel. She shipped immediatly after I paid and they got here promptly. ^____^ They were very well packed in a neat little glasses case. I'll definitly be buying from her again!
    8. I bought a handmade fur wig from Cassiel and it's amazing!!! She was friendly in her pms and fast in her shipping. The wig is primo and very, very well made!

      Thanks! :)
    9. Mmm! Cake! *munchmunch*

      Cassiel rocks! These new wigs are utterly the bomb. They fit perfectly (she assured me right down to the last detail for both specific head-sizes I needed), the edges are all clean & finished, and the fur colors are even brighter than the photos promised. Wow for workmanship! Plus, she is tons of fun to communicate with. I will buy lots more wigs just so I get to talk to her again. ;)

      If you want to see for yourselves, the big sparkly blue Mardi Gras wig gets a workout here:

      ... and the little orange Fire Whisper wig gets to play with a seriously devilish Arashi here.

      More wig-shopping will have to come later-- after I finally manage to chase these two smug little fashion-victims away from the mirror. :aheartbea Slam-dunk!
    10. Let me tell you about my recent transaction with Cassiel...

      I have NEVER dealt with a friendlier, more helpful, willing to please, professional and just plain NICE person. And to top it all off? The wig (a semilong) is FREAKIN AWSOME!

      Thanks Cassiel. It was a pleasure. I'll be back for that REAL Koji very soon!

    11. Prompt payer and so friendly to deal with, it was a pleasure having you on board the group order. :)
    12. I bought a pair of eyes from Cassiel - they're beautiful, and not only did she ship them quickly, she *refunded* me some shipping money when she found a less-expensive option. Plus, she's friendly, professional, and communicative. All-around great transaction, thanks so much!
    13. I ordered a couple of wigs thru the website. There was a /slight/ delay in their production but I was kept well informed and it was only a couple days. Not really much of a delay at all, especially considering they are handmade. (I only call it a delay because I was contacted by email and Cassiel apologized for it, honestly I consider it very smooth service). The wigs are beautiful and were shipped to me super quickly upon completion. Would defintiely do business with again.

      No pictures tho because the bodies they are for are dolls that are in my future list to buy over the next coupel years. I assure you they are lovely quality however. Pleasure to do business.
    14. I've always had good transactions with Cassiel - I've done many group orders with her, I've bought things through her shopping service in Japan and also bought things FOR her in Japan. (XD) She's wonderful to deal with. Her wigs are also awesome!
    15. Cassiel has acted as a shopping service for me on more than one occassion and has always been extremely helpful and efficient. Thank you!
    16. Have had a multiple great transactions with Cassiel over the past couple years. Just now getting a chance to add to her feedback thread. She is super great to have transactions with..
    17. When I was wanting to get something from Anotherspace for my boy, Cassiel offered to run a group order to save on shipping for everyone. She even asked on my behalf about items that weren't listed on the website, found out prices and all.

      She was great to deal with - friendly and helpful - and I'd deal with her again in a heartbeat.


    18. I can't say enough about Cassiel, really. I had searched high and low for a particular wig and when I approached her about it, she got a friend from Japan to find the right kind of fur! She communicates every step of the way, too. A very friendly and knowledgble person, she made the entire process a breeze!

      I'd do business with her again in a heartbeat, thank you Cassiel!
    19. great transaction! My wig was shipped quickly and I love it!
    20. Cassiel's wigs are probably the nicest fur wigs that I own with very professional finishing work. So cute! She came off as a very kind and professional person in correspondence. Looking forward to wiggin' out again!