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Feedback Thread for Catzilerella

Nov 2, 2010

    1. Hello everyone!
      If you have made a some sort of trade or transaction please leave feedback for me here.
      Thank you!

    2. Catz was my partner in the blue swap! She sent my doll two amazing outfits and included a notebook for me! She is a perfect swap partner!
    3. Catzilerella ran a Gloomy Bear swap that I happily took part in. She came up with a great swap theme and ran the swap absolutely brilliantly, offering people new to gloomy many links to ideas and examples. This swap has been so much fun, both in the creating, the giving and the receiving!:) She kept it fun with a cheerful and encouraging attitude throughout and positively :goldstarstellar:goldstar communications. I wouldn't hesitate to join any swap she runs in the future...and in fact, I already have!:D
    4. Catzilerella took part in my rock star swap. She shipped on time and posted pictures as required. Her communication was very good. A recommended swap participant.
    5. Catzilerella organized and ran a Gloomy Bear themed swap! She was very good with communication, encouraging and offered many insights and creative ideas for possible swap items. Kept the thread updated and was very understanding when dealing with extensions as well as reassuring those who were still waiting. Definitely would recommend her as a swap leader!
    6. Catzilerella organized and ran a gloomy bear themed swap I participated in. Couldn't ask for a better hostess! Great communication and lots of updates. Would love to participate in another swap run by her again!
    7. I bought an awesome Harley Quinn hoodie from Catzilerella, I meant to leave feedback earlier-so sorry this is kinda late. Communication was great, shipping was extremely fast. The hoodie is the best thing ever!!! I can't wait till my msd comes home to try it on--will post mucho pics when she does. :D Thank you so much, and you rawk!!! :P
    8. i did a partial trade/purchase with Catzierella! she is an absolute peach to work with and so uber creative. I was more then happy to work with her. communication was pefect and everything couldnt have gone any smoother! love it! thank you so much!
    9. Catzilerella was my trade partner, and her outfit was adorable and it shipped way before the deadline. She even made a plushie~ Good partner, thanks so much
    10. I took part in another of Catzilerella's delightful swaps...this time for Sanrio (Hello Kitty and pals.) It was another wonderful experience, full of fun and encouragement along the way. She always gives such excellent links to ideas in her beginning posts and comes up with brilliant ideas for swap themes. There's a lot of fun to be had here, folks!:) Her communications were great throughout and she kept her lists well updated. I would be more than happy to join any swap run by Catzilerella.
    11. Catzilerella purchased a FL Chic Line from me and it was a very smooth transaction. All payments were made in the time frame she specified and her communication is excellent! Thank you so much!
    12. Catzilerella bought a Tedros lion head from me. She paid very quick and had great communication! Thank you!
    13. It seems I'm visiting Catzilerella's feedback thread alot these days.:lol: This time I was fortunate enough to be her swap recipient in the Lolita swap. She made an adorable outfit for my ghost girl, Magnolia, and it was beautifully made and absolutely perfect for my girl's unique character. She obviously took great pride and care in her work, shipped on time, and I couldn't be more happy with the result. Thanks so much, Catzilerella!:)
    14. Did a trade of my B&G Hera for her DZ LE Momo. Communication was excellent, she provided many pictures when asked, she packaged everything with care and insurance and shipped out super fast! I would be very happy to deal with Catz again anytime!!!!

      I love my momo! :D
    15. I just did a part trade, part sale with Catzilerella. It was a very good transaction, great communication, payment on the date chosen, and shipped on the date chosen also packed well. The communcation really was brilliant!

      Thank you very much.
    16. I traded my Bambicrony Elf Princess Inez for Catzilerella's DZ flower fairy and it was a very satisfying transaction. We had an unexpected glitch happen with the Flower fairy's s-hook prior to shipping, but we worked it out with great communication and fairness on Catz's part. She packaged the flower fairy very well and she arrived in great condition. I would recommend dealing with Catz in any marketplace transaction based on my positive experience with her.

      Thanks again Catz!
    17. Catzilerella bought a pair of eyes from me....paid right away and let me know when they arrived. A great transaction, thank you! :)
    18. I traded a chic line El faceplate for some cosplay outfits with Catzilerella. Her communication was fabulous and she was just a pleasure to deal with! :D

      Very positive! A+ :)
    19. I sold a couple Chicline faceplates to Catzilerella, and everything went very smoothly! She paid quickly and let me know when the package arrived, which is always nice. :]