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Feedback Thread for Celebare

Jun 15, 2006

    1. I couldn't find a feedback thread already created for Celebare, so I'm starting one for her. I hope she doesn't mind ^^;;;

      I had a wonderful transaction with Celebare. She picked up a wig at the Volks USA store for me and shipped it promptly.

      Thank you!
    2. Celebare rocks! I had an A* transaction with her and her room-mate selling them the Body of boe (wot?)

      Thank you! :)
    3. Celebare is fantastic!! I had to pay shipping costs and she said to me: pay less because you have to wait so long. Thanks so much!!! and the resting money is on peta.org now ;) oh and I love the items of course!! :D

    4. Celebare is a great buyer--I recently had a very smooth, friendly transaction with her. She's fast to pay and communicates very well! :daisy
    5. I had an excellent transaction with Celebare. Thanks so much.
      :) :)
    6. Wonderful seller!! :3 I bought some adorable cat ears from Celebare recently and they're great, and were sent out really fast.

      Thank you~~!!! <3