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Feedback Thread for Chantrune

Jan 18, 2007

    1. Hello! :thumbup

      This is the feedback thread for user: "Chantrune" here on Den of Angels.

      Thank you for coming to take the time to read my feedback thread, or post your own feedback on transactions you have made with me.

      I ask, (if possible!) that you include the following in your post:

      1) Date of first PM regarding item
      2) Date for payment receieved, and by what means ~ PayPal/money order/cheque/etc...
      3) Factual comments if you wish, such as:

      * Kept good contact
      * Friendly communication
      * Prompt payment
      * Smooth Transaction etc...​

      I also have Ebay feedback!

      Have I forgotten to give you feedback?? My apologies!! PM me right away!

      Again, thank you! :)
    2. I sold a haori outfit to cantrune not long ago. I really don't remember the dates of the first regarding PM or payment, but I can say they were very prompt! ^^ Chantrune was very polite, patient, and wonderful to deal with. Thank you so much!!!
    3. Prompt payment for a pair of boots, very polite to deal with. ^___^
    4. Chantrune is a wonderful buyer! Great to work with and very communicative.

      1) First pm on 03-09-07.
      2) Payment made via PP on 03-21-07. PP was being slow with transfers, so it slowed the process a little.
    5. All perfect =)

      The payment fast and very nice comunication!! :D

    6. Chantrune purchased a wig from me and was super great to deal with! Thanks so much!
    7. sold a pair of MSD shoes to chantrune. prompt payment and awesome to deal with. A++++++ thanks again!!
    8. I sold a pair of dollmore shoes "SD - Basic Sneakers (Beige)" to chantrune.
      1) Date of first PM regarding item: Thu Jun 21, 2007
      2) Date for payment receieved: Mon Jun 25, 2007
      3) Factual comments:
      Kept good contact, Friendly communication, Prompt payment, Smooth Transaction.
      I Had absolutely no problem whatsoever. ^_^
    9. I sold a Jun shirt to Chantrune. Very good communication, prompt payment, thank you!
    10. sold a pair of eyes to chantrune, paid promptly and let me know when the item arrived. thank you~
    11. Date: July 29th
      Payment: In person

      Smooth and simple in person transaction, definitely a great person to work with :).
    12. I sold chantrune a pair of cargo pants and it was a smooth and pleasant transaction! She responded and paid promptly ^^ Thank you very much!
    13. chantrune brought a wig from me, good communication and smooth transaction!
      thank you~^^
    14. chantrune bought 2 buttons from me, she was super patient and understanding when I told her I had problems sending her package since I was moving. Thank you for waiting Chantrune.
    15. Sold a necklace to Chantrune. She kept me patient and updated with paypal's progress and was wonderful to do business with.
    16. Chantrune was very great to deal with! She bought a necklace from my DoA jewelery shop. the PMs were prompt, and so was the payment.
      Thank you for buying!
    17. Chantrune is a great buyer! Very prompt in her replies and payment. Thanks so much for the smooth transaction!
    18. chantrune bought a set of outfits from me and she's very nice to deal with. :D
    19. Chantrune bought a pair of ED eyes from me. She paid quickly and always responded to PMs in a timely and friendly fashion. I would definitely sell to her again. :daisy