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Feedback Thread for CherryChansGifts

Aug 26, 2009

    1. Hello! I am working really hard to be a really good buyer/seller/trader here at Den of Angels! Please let me know if you have any problems with me before you post rude things here. My job is to make all buyers, sellers, and those who trade with me happy! Thank you!:D
    2. Bought a Puki faceplate from me, kept in good contact- thanks!
    3. I sold a puki faceplate to her...kept in great communication even through a really long hold, a bit of indecision, and a LOT of Paypal problems :D

      Rock on!
    4. CherryChansGifts bought a puki body from me, and she was lovely during all the transaction. She replied quickly and nicely to PMs, and understood a little misunderstanding there was with the tracking number.

      I would definitely recomend her 100% as a buyer, and woule love to make business with her in the future again. Thanks! :D
    5. I recently purchased a WS puki pipi faceplate from CherryChansGifts. I've done business with her before, but it's always been in person. There were several delays in shipping, all understandable, but there was also a breakdown in communication that I found frustrating.

      However, once the item shipped (and she was very apologetic about the repeated delays), it arrived very swiftly.

      I would be willing to do business with her again in the future, but I think I will limit myself to face-to-face transactions.
    6. I bought a body from CherryChansGifts and everything was great, really really great, we had great communication, she was very nice about everything and everything arrived in A-one shape! Thank -you very much
    7. bought a puki WS body from CherryChansGifts she kept in constant contact with me till it arrived.
    8. Bought a Puki Flora metal plate from her and it went wonderfully. :) Kept in good contact during a delay in shipping and I was never worried. Very Prompt.
    9. I bought a NS Puki Piki faceplate from CherryChansGifts. She was a lovely seller and she even included some extras because she knew I was a poor student. I would definitely buy off her again, without a doubt.
    10. I sold a Glot default outfit to CherryChansGifts via layaway. She made payments at the promised time and kept me updated. She was very pleasant to deal with and I would happily do so again!
    11. I sold a Puki faceplate to CherryChansGifts and things went very smoothly indeed! She was very clear about when she would be able to pay and she paid immediately exactly when she said she would, and then she let me know when the faceplate arrived. It was a very easy transaction. :)
    12. I bought a SOOM Spinel from CherryChansGifts and he arrived just 2 days after I paid. Wow! She was a pleasure to work with, very reasonable, and answered all my questions. I couldn't be happier with my new boy, and I would definitely buy from her again. :)
    13. CherryChansGifts sold a pair of cutie hands to me. And for a very great price too! :D
      Unfortunately she got injured when she should ship the package, and when the package was shipped out, there was some error so the package was returned. But she shipped it agan really fast, and the package was great pakched and I even got a small gift with the hands <3
      A great dealer and nice person!!
    14. Bought a full set Soom Glot from her :) everything went super smooth. Shes super sweet and nice. Everything was exactly as described. :)
    15. I sold some Unoa/Narae clothing to CherryChansGifts, and the transaction was smooth and flawless! Payment was quick, communication was great, and I would definitely be happy to work with her again in the future! :D Thanks!
    16. This is super late of me, I'm sorry! I bought a Violet Fern dress from CherryChansGifts, and the transaction was lovely. She was extremely good with communication and shipped out very quickly. Thank you so much!
    17. Sorry this is late! but i bought a woosoo vampire boy from CherryChansGifts a couple days (or weeks?) Ago. He's a wonderful addition to my doll collection and he's just gorgeous and in great condition.

      She's suuuper nice! Caring and gave me extra gifts along with the doll. I was soo happy with the service. And because we stayed in contact during the whole transaction. Cherry and I are now friends : D!! I would definetly buy another doll or item from her any time she's selling and if i have the money!
    18. Bought a lovely locker/toys/teaset/dress from her. She was informative and friendly, I always knew what was happening and when :)

      Fast international shipping and very helpful with postal problems. Would trade with again and would recommend her.

      Many thanks :)
    19. Recently bought a lovely wicker chair from CherryChansGifts, and she was super to work with!
      Held up great communication, was polite and friendly, and very informative!
      Shipped quickly and safely.
      Would love to trade again, and a definite recommendation! Great seller!
    20. I bought a resin egg from CherryChansGifts and it was a great transaction! She was very pleasant to deal with and even gave me free insurance on my package! I would definitely do business with her again.