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Feedback Thread for Chewhq

Jan 28, 2009

    1. Hi All,

      Kindly leave your feedback for any transactions (as a buyer/seller) done between you and me ;)

      Thanks in advance and have a great day ahead!

      Jess (Chewhq)
    2. Great Seller

      Polite and fast to reply~
    3. Yay! Thanks for the stuff!

      Good seller, friendly and on time ^o^
    4. she is very good ^^
    5. good buyer, great transaction~
      sellers, don't worry, she's great..xD
    6. Chewhq purchased a Volks body from me~ Wonderfully friendly communication and payment were both extremely quick~ The transaction went so smoothly! Chewhq is a great buyer, who I highly recommend~! Thank you so much~
    7. chewhq commissioned me to do face-ups on both of her Dollmore Pado & Banji. The whole transaction went smoothly and communication was superb, I couldn't ask for more!
      I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again in the future! Thank you very much, I hope you like their new faces :)
    8. Chewhq adopted a pair of Dream of Dolls (DOC, msd, 1/4) from me. Smooth in transaction and she is very patient and understanding as the dolls were actually on hold for the previous interested buyer whom eventually decided not to adopt. Very friendly and we had a good chat over meet up collection. (Both living in Singapore)