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Feedback Thread for Chibichibiusa

Jun 6, 2007

    1. Hi! :chibi

      Please leave feedback for me if you feel we had a good transaction together,

      Please include the following information :

      If you were the buyer or the seller
      What was sold or bought
      Your comments on the transaction

      Thank you!!!

    2. Chibichibiusa bought the BTSSB Luna outfit from me. She was a good buyer! Great communication. Thanks!
    3. Sold a wig to this lovely lady- and she was wonderful! ^_^
    4. Chibichibiusa purchased a BtSSB outfit from me, and was quick and clear in all payments and correspondence. A wonderful buyer! :)


    5. chibichibiusa bought a DD Femi from me. Great buyer! Thanks!! :D
    6. Chibichibiusa bought a DD Nemu from me. Very fast payment. A dream to work with. Thanks!
    7. I sold a DD body to Chibichibiusa. She was very friendly,paid quickly, had great communication and let me know promptly once the doll arrived. Thank you so much!
    8. chibichibiusa bought a doll thorugh me.

      Chibichibiusa really is a great pleasure to deal with.
      Excellent communication, prompt payment. Everything was perfect.
      Thank you very much for this great transaction :D

      I highly recommend Chibichibiusa!!