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.Feedback thread for Coppermoon.

Sep 28, 2010

    1. Just wanted to start up a feedback thread for myself. =)

      I've been around the marketplace and will probably be making purchases and/or later selling things.

      So I wanted a thread for review as my status as a buyer/seller.
      Thanks to anyone who posts! :daisy
    2. Coppermoon bought some doll clothes from me. She is an excellent buyer! She was super sweet and friendly, and we maintained great communication. She paid promptly and let me know when the items arrived. Thank you for the wonderful transaction! ^__^
    3. I sold a yukata to coppermoon and it was a flawless transaction, she paid promptly and was super nice - thanks!
    4. Great feedback for Choppermoon, she bought some clothes from me. Payment was quick and comunication was great :)
    5. Coppermoon was fairly quick with payment, replied in a timely manner, and let me know when the package arrived to her.
    6. Coppermoon bought some puki clothes from me, and she was an excellent buyer who was friendly and paid quickly. Recommended!
    7. Sold a wig to Coppermoon. All around great transaction -- she paid promptly, was very communicative, and let me know when the item arrived! :) Would recommend, thank you!
    8. Coppermoon bought a Pipos Robin from me via layaway, and she was great about it! She was quick with both payments, and even paid earlier than I was expecting. She was very understanding of my shipping schedule and let me know when he arrived! I would definitely recommend her to someone else and would do business with her again!
    9. Good feedback for Coppermoon :D She bought a Black Cat set from me. Transaction was nice and smooth and communication was great I would defiantly do business with her again!
    10. I sold a Bobobie 60cm male NS body in need of some love to Coppermoon. She had excellent communication throughout and was prompt with payment. Also let me know when he arrived. Would definitely transact with her again.
    11. Coppermoon bought a head from me

      good communication and fast payment

      thank you
    12. Coppermoon bought a wig from me very nice and understanding buyer , great communication ^^ thank you so muchXD
    13. Coppermoon bought a few wigs and a set of outfit. I recieved her payment quickly and she is a really good buyer^^ Also, she is my first buyer =D
    14. Coppermoon bought a free pair of shoes from me..?

      Well, she paid for shipping, anyway. She paid very promptly and was super pleasant! I'd be happy to deal with her again! :D
    15. coppermoon bought two pairs of shoes from me <3 she was lovely to work with, would definitely deal with her again :) thank you!
    16. I bought a pair of hoofed legs from Coppermoon and she was a wonderful seller! Very friendly in her messages, and she shipped the legs right away. I would definitely buy from her again! :)
    17. I purchased a RS torso and arms from Coppermoon. It was a smooth transaction from a friendly seller with excellant communication. The items were also packed EXTREMLEY well!
    18. Purchased some MSD outfits from me. Very pleasant to deal with and prompt payment. Recommend.

    19. Coppermoon bought some boots from me. Very friendly and fast payment (:
    20. I bought some horns from Coppermoon and she was wonderful to deal with. She did the most amazing job of packing them and they arrived perfectly and quickly. thank you!!! :)