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Feedback thread for crystarlia

Feb 1, 2007

    1. Have recently started selling in here, so I'd thought it would be good to gather feedback from people who I had transactions with.

      Thank you in advance for leaving feedback!
    2. One positive for crystalia for prompt payment :)
    3. Very nice girl. Pleasant to do biz with.
    4. sold items to crystarlia, never a problem. :D
    5. Cindy organised a huge Singapore Kstarr order for me once ^^ Was very organised and prompt with contacting the participants and getting payments. Very reliable and pleasant to work with too ^^
    6. A very responsible good seller ^___^ The eyes I bought are safely wrapped up ~
    7. Item(s): Enchanted Doll group order
      Date of transaction: 24 Sept 2006

      crystarlia participated in a small Enchanted Doll eyes group order I organised. Her payment was very prompt and was very patient with the long wait time. Thank you!

      Item(s): tinybear group order
      Date of transaction: 31 Jan 2007

      crystarlia participated in a tinybear Tibetan wool wig group order I organised. Her payment was timely and easy to communicate with. Thank you!
    8. crystarlia bought two wigs from me and she was very pleasant to deal with and paid promptly. wonderful buyer.
    9. Did 2 faceups for Crystarlia's boys! Wornderful transaction, prompt payment with a pleasant girl! Thank you! :D
    10. I bought Volks HG eyes from her, she is a very nice seller and fast shipping too! Thank you so much!
    11. I sold an outfit and wig to crystarlia and had no problems at all. Would definitely deal with again :)
    12. Was involved successfully in a faceup transaction with crystarlia - she was very reliable and upfront. Good communication!!
    13. I ordered MSD girl (with no faceup) for crystarlia.
      She's a sweet and cute person.
      I had very good communication with her. The payment was done smoothly. Crystarlia is a great buyer :D

      Thank you very much!! I really appreciate you :)
      I highly recommend Crystarlia :thumbup
    14. crystarlia bought a pair of shoes from me. Great transcation with prompt payment, thanks!
    15. I sold a Toppi fullset to crystarlia and she's very good buyer^-^
      Fast reply and also payment.
      I recommend her as a best buyer.
    16. Crystarlia bought an outfit from me (Couture No. 3) and it was an overall very smooth transaction!! :D Her exchanges are very friendly and precise, payment is super fast, also she kindly took the time to let me know that the outfit arrived safely. I can't recommend this wonderful person highly enough, and definitely look forward to doing business with her again!! :fangirl:

      Thank you so much again--it's been a pleasure!! :gingerbreadman:gingerbreadman
    17. I'd just like to leave another positive feedback for Crystarlia!! :D She bought an outfit from our shop, and as always she is very nice, pleasant, and patient every step of the way. She's always a pleasure to deal with, and I definitely look forward to doing transactions with her again~ :daisy

      Thank you so much!! m^__^m
    18. Crystarlia commissioned me for an FCS & she was very easy to work with. Communication was great, payment prompt & she was wonderfully patient during the long wait. A good buyer that I hope to work with again :)
    19. Crystarlia participated in my Leeke GO. Everything was perfect, smooth transaction, prompt payment, great communication. She was aslo very generous for the mistake I made in shipping.
      Thank you again! ^_^
    20. Crystarlia purchased some items from me, such a sweet person! I especially appreciated her taking the time out to send me a picture of my works with her crew :) Thank you!