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Feedback Thread for Damask (D.)

Sep 16, 2006

    1. Please post your comments here if I have either bought from you or sold to you. Positive, constructive or negative. Thank you.

      I'm sorry, I forget easily whom I buy things from so please, if I have not given you feedback, don't hesitate to remind me. >_<

    2. Damask is a great buyer, very fast payment, thank you :D
    3. Great buyer- very courteous with good communication and fast payment. Wonderful!
    4. I sold some items to damask and I was paid promptly and told when they arrived- very good buyer to deal with! A+++
    5. Damask bought some jewelry from me, and we've had an interesting long term conversation :)

      Paid promptly, enjoyed the transaction. Hope you enjoy your purchase!
    6. Damask bought some jewelry from me, and we've had an interesting long term conversation :)

      Paid promptly, enjoyed the transaction. Hope you enjoy your purchase!
    7. Sold an outfit to Damask, payment was prompt and communication was frequent and friendly. :) Thanks! :D
    8. I sold a pair of pants to Damask, got paid promptly and surely. I wouldn't hesitate to have business with you again!
    9. did a split on a spinel head
      it was a smooth fun transaction i highly recomend as a buyer! :D
    10. Damask was great to work with! She purchased a couple of brushes from me. She paid promptly, had perfect communication skills, and let me know when her package arrived. I would definitely recommend her! :thumbup
    11. Damask is a lovely buyer. She brought a SG special long legged body from me. Was extremely friendly and polite in her correspondence. Paid promptly and even offered to cover PP fees. She let me know as soon as the body arrived and even sent me a lovely picture of him united with his new head. I would not hesitate to recommend her to everyone on the forum as a trustworthy buyer who is extremely pleasant to do business with. Thanks Damask! :D
    12. Damask bought some boy's clothes from me. It is a really pleasure transaction. Good communication and finishing payment as she promised. I would like to do business with her again.
      Thank you.
    13. Damask bought doll outfits from me. Great transcation with prompt payment,thanks!
    14. Damask bought a dress from me and paid very promptly! She had great communication and was a great buyer. I'd love to sell to her again.
    15. Damask bought a pair of shoes from me. She was quick to pay, good with pms. Even let me know when it arrived. Pleasure to deal with.
    16. Bought some eyes from me; quick payment and good communication. Thanks!
    17. Damask bought a wig from me and the transaction was wonderful. she paid quickly, was extremely friendly and enthusiastic. it was a great experience and i do business with her any time! <3

      thanks again!^^
    18. Damask bought a tank top and a pair of eyes from me.
      She is very nice and friendly buyer. Very good communication and fast payment.
      Highly recommended. Thank you so much.
    19. Feedback: +ve

      Damask participated in &#9824; Kidollro &#9828;'s first ever Microphone spree and was a breeze to work with.
      Thank you very much for spree-ing with us! See you again soon!
    20. I bought an SD wig from Damask. Communication was prompt and polite, and the item was shipped as promised. She even PMed me a photo of the receipt! Great seller, and I hope to work with again! Thank you!