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Feedback Thread for DamirSoull

Feb 16, 2010

    1. Please post here for transactions I have made with you. Thanks a lot!

      --Damir Soull
    2. Did a trade with DamirSoull. Pm's where very polite, fast shipping, and the jewelry is well made and very pretty. Would gladly work with DamirSoull again.
    3. Sold some jeans to this person. Very polite and fast with pm's. She let me know when the item arrived and all. It was a very nice transaction and I would gladly sale to them in the future.
    4. I sold a clover set to DamirSoull.send a quickly payment and very very friendly.and the transaction was fast and easy! Highly recommended! Thanks very very very much! ^0^
    5. DamirSoull commissioned me an assortment of yukatas and the transaction went smoothly. She was very understanding and patient with me throughout the whole process and was just sweet to deal with. Payment was super quick as well. I would happily deal with her again. :)
    6. DamirSoull led the Prop Swap that I participated in, and actually ended up being my swap partner. Not only did I receive amazing swap gifts, but lots of friendly PMs along the way! I would love to more swaps/transactions in the future - Thanks so much!!!
    7. Got a lovely hat, shirt, and necklace for my boy from DamirSoull and they look just lovely :)
      Communication was great, the items were well packaged, and arrive quickly. All and all a great transaction.

    8. Sold a YOSD dress to this person. Let me know when the itme arrived and as always very pleasent to deal with,
    9. I participated in a Prop swap that DamirSoull led. It was amazing and I had alot of fun. Looking forward to the next one. Thank you so much for running the swap.
    10. I participated in DamirSoull's Leekeworld GO and it was just a wonderful experience. They ran the GO very professionally and kept great communications. Thank you SO much!
    11. I had joined in the Leekeworld GO that DamirSoull held. She kept everything updated and it was a pleasure working with her. Everything was held in a timely manner, I received notifications quickly. Great experience. I would definitely participate in another of her GO's. Thank you! ---I also received my items today. Very fast shipment. ^_^
    12. I joined in a Leekeworld GO that DamirSoull held and she was great to work with! She did everything in a timely manner and I received all of my items in a very orderly fashion. She was very professional with the way she handled everything and I would definitely participate in her GOs again.
    13. DamirSoull bought some shirts from me and she couldn't have been nicer :) Quick payment and let me know they arrived safely!
    14. I participated in a group order headed by Damir, I ended up having to order a wig that was different from the one I attended to order, but that was fine, the wig I know is lovely. Damir was alittle slow on updates, but that only a tad and she forgot to include the eyelashes I wanted, which I was alittle disapionted about, but I'll get them another way. Overall she was lovely to work with and my item came beautiful packaged with a bunch of free candies. Most of my issues where just timing related and this was my first GO, so I wouldn't know too much. I'm a little bit lukewarm about the GO as a whole, GOs may not be for me, but I give Damir a very positive rating.
    15. I participated in a Leekeworld GO with Damir. :) Her communication was great, as I originally intended to order one wig which sold out, and she contacted me to amend my order accordingly. She shipped quickly and the wig is lovely, and she packaged it so lovingly! :D I would definitely order with her again!
    16. I also participated in Damirsoulls's Leekeworld Go! Their communication was excellent - they even acted on my behalf and contacted the company when they thought there was a colour discreptency on one of my items (which wasn't their fault, the company has a different opinion of colours) Thankfully, it was all handled very very well, and I would love to participate in another of Damir's Gos :)
    17. Positive Feedback

      I participated in the Leekeworld GO Damirsoull hosted and was pleasantly pleased with the transaction.
      Damirsoull has great communication skills, plenty of patience and a wonderful attitude.
      I would definitely participate in any GO Damirsoull hosts, and or buy/sell to Damirsoull in a heart beat.

      A+++ GO host & person!
      Thank you ♥
    18. I also participated in DamirSoull's Leekeworld GO. DamirSoull was organized and handled everything well, included what seemed to be some mishaps with people's orders (items going out of stock and such - it didn't happen to me but from what I gathered from some of the updates, it did for others) as well as a nonpaying participant. Luckily everything worked out and the order went smoothly. DamirSoull was excellent about keeping us all in the loop, and was very friendly in all communication. I would certainly give the experience positive ratings and would recommend DamirSoull for future transactions. (: