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Feedback thread for Dante Nekto

Feb 26, 2009

    1. Please, leave a feedback for me if you want to ;)
    2. It is unfortunate that I would have to put this down, but I think if should be known for future clients. He was really great with the help on group orders for Ivan up until he stopped answering my PMS and would sign on to DOA, but not respond at all. I hadn't even gotten a chance to pay for the doll yet. I am always really fast about sending out money right away for goods, and always being in touch. I constantly tried to contact him on methods to pay. Three weeks went by and I still hadn't received an answer from him on anything. I finally told him I was canceling the preorder that he supposedly put into to Dollslife, they didn't recall an order because I contacted them, but its possible that I didnt understand them very well either as their is a language barrier between us. I still haven't heard anything from him. Its really unfortunate that I would have to put this down, but I thought people should know if they end up buying from him, decide to do the Ivan Group Order, or plan on buying from him in the future. Hopefully he responds to you to complete your order and help you out rather than ignore you, like he did me.