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Feedback Thread for Darkluthien

Jan 8, 2008

    1. This is feedback trhead about me, please leave your feedback here.
    2. Darkluthien bought a unoa bust 1.0 from me. She paid promptly, it was a perfect transaction.
      Don't hesitate to deal with her :aheartbea
    3. I Bought a Volks body from Darkluthien. It was a fast and easy EU transaction with perfect communication. :)
    4. I sold a Limhwa half elf to Darkluthien. It was a smooth transaction, the payment was super quick and she informed me when the doll arrived. She was really nice and I'd be glad to deal with her again! :aheartbea
    5. I am buy Supia doll Lina from Darkluthien on Layaway. She is very friendly :lol:,
      doll send quickly, perfectly wraped.:thumbup Thank You very much for this transaction.:daisy:daisy:daisy
    6. I bought Volks Sch A head from Darkluthien and the whole transaction was smooth and quick, the mail contact was very good, the head was very well wrapped for the posting. I'm happy to recommend this seller to anyone! *^v^*
    7. Darkluthien bought a Migi head from me. Communication was great, payment was super fast and Darkluthien also let me know immediately after receiving the head! Thank you very much indeed dear!
    8. I just received a Crobidoll Zack I bought from Darkluthien! She is a very friendly person and answered my pms very quickly. We only had a problem involving a paging thread, but after getting in touch with her again, she explained everything that happened and it was really out of her reach to prevent it, so I understood it and we could go back to the transaction very fast! She sent my doll with a beautiful box, and even I felt a subtle vanilla scent in it o.O so good...~ She also packed the parts very well, it was even a little hard to unpack, and I think it's great, there were tons of bubble wrap!

      Although we had that problem I stated above, I feel fully satisfied with the transaction and how things worked out. My boy is a halloween edition from last year, and he arrived right in the Halloween this year! Best trick or treat ever!

      Positive feedback!