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Feedback thread for Darling Elizabeth

Sep 3, 2008

    1. Hello! I hope that if you have done business with me (bought or sold) that you would leave me some feedback. Thanks........:)
    2. Darling Elizabeth joined my Dollmore group order, was very friendly and paid in a timely manner. Very nice to have on my order. ^___^
    3. DE purchased some MSC from me and it was a fantastic transaction! POSITIVE!
    4. nothin' but LOVE....DE is a dream to do business with.

      EVERY transaction we have had is great.
    5. I've bought from Darling Elizabeth on several occasions and the transactions have always been great! The workmanship on her clothing is top notch all the way as well!
    6. I have both purchased from and sold to Darling Elizabeth. She was very considerate, communicative, and professional in all our transactions and I highly recommend her :)
    7. Received a lovely set of jean shorts & blouse from Darling Elizabeth Thanks so much!
    8. I can tell you quite positively, that Darling Elizabeth is just as the name describes. You can deal with confidence!
    9. Darling Elizabeth has purchased from me before, and I very much hope to return the favor in the near future. Buy with confidence, she is a fabulous lady :-) BeckyE
    10. I bought some hand-made outfits from Darling Elizabeth. They were divine and she was wonderful to work with!
    11. I purchased some lovely clothing items from Darling Elizabeth ~ Each was perfectly crafted, with careful attention to detail, and she was an absolute pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend her! :kitty2
    12. I've bought several hand-made clothing items from Darling Elizabeth. Each has been a completely treat to receive and to own. Her craftsmanship is second to none. Shipping and communications are fast, and everything always goes smoothly.

      DE gets my highest recommendation!
    13. She isnt named Darling Elizabeth for nothing. buy with confidence her workmanship is amazing. : )
    14. Darling Elizabeth is the best. I own a couple of her doll clothes and the workmanship on her designs are perfect. And she's not called Darling Elizabeth for nothing :). Buy with confidence.
    15. Echoing everyone else here -- DE makes WONDERFUL clothes, and is so nice to deal with! :D
    16. DE's sewing is impeccable, and I love her faceup on my little guy! My transactions with her have always gone well.

      Linda S.
    17. No photos can do her work justice . . Wish there was a better picture of this exquisite costume, but it will have to suffice for now. It is fitted so perfectly, that only Ruru can fill it out . . everything about it is perfection . . from the hand embroidered designs to the tiny tassels. Chiffon isn't the easiest textile to work with, but Elizabeth made this look like it was crafted by magical means . . One of the best out there . . in work and to deal with... :)

    18. Darling Elizabeth bought a pair of dress slacks for a Hound from my latest sales posts. She was wonderful to deal with, paid fast and let me know when item arrived.
    19. DE is always fantastic to do business with! Most recently she participated in one of my 4D orders and was VERY patient with all the delays associated with the order. Thank you so much.

    20. Frank and Darling Elizabeth are awesome! Darling Elizabeth made the most awesome surfer shorts for me! I wanted a pair so badly for my Iplehouse JID's which are very chunky minis so I thought I'd try the SD shorts on them, but there was no need! When I contacted them, Frank said he had an IH JID! I figured it must be fate! They arrived and are such realistic miniature versions of full size Bermuda shorts, I dunno what more to say! Stunning!

      Thanks so much!!!

      Edit, er... OMG, I want a belly dancing outfit for my new Dollmore kid! LOL. I LOVE that one you made for Shaerry! Ah, but I'm out of money again, LOL Lovely!