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Feedback Thread for Decoy Embra

Jan 21, 2009

    1. Please post your experiences dealing with me here! Hopefully I won't have made problems for anyone :)
    2. I sold some Puki items to Decoy Embra and she's been a great buyer: kind and correct; a very positive experience.
    3. I made some custom puki dresses for Decoy Embra, and she was very sweet!
      A very smooth transaction XD
    4. Decoy Embra purchased a Orientdoll So Ji from me and was a pleasure to work with! She was very patient when shipping had to be delayed and I would be more than happy to do business with again! Thanks!
    5. Decoy Embra Bought a Fairyland Juri event head from me and was Very polite, and fast! payment went through swiftly and she was very understanding when shipping was slightly delayed due to my trip to the hospital. I highly Recommend her for any transaction!
    6. I was commissioned by Decoy Embra to paint her two MNF Juri heads. They arrived to me very early on mid-April. She was very patient with me as I had work and a buttload of other things on my plate. She anticipated a long wait for them. We both kept contact frequently updating the status on my part to her so she knew what was going on.

      She, also, said it was fine for me to wait to start her face-ups because she joined me in a Dollmore GO! to order a few things for these heads and other things for her kids back home. She was prompt with payment with this Dollmore GO! and payment for the commission. She had great communication!

      The whole experience was pleasant and she was great to deal with. We had fun talking to each other and I hope that will continue even on after this commission is done. (; I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to do business with her. She's just...great. XD!

      By the way, I finished her face-ups on May 23th: almost about a month or a month and a half later of the arrival date. We both lost track of when they arrived and what not. XD Also, she received her heads rather late because she also participated with me in some other GO! or shopping adventure we had together so we had to wait for those items to arrive before I shipped off her large package back to her. @_@! XD

      Lots of Love Decoy Embra~ :aheartbea
    7. Decoy Embra was a participant in my fifth Fairyland group order and she's just great to work with! :D Payments were made promptly and communication was extremely well kept. The transaction was smooth and easy and I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again.

      :clover Thank you for participating in one of my group orders! :D I hope that your experience was an enjoyable one! :clover
    8. Decoy Embra bought two pairs of boots and a pair of dress shoes from me.
      she is a wonderful buyer!!thank you so much!~=3=
    9. Decoy Embra participated in another of my Fairyland group orders ( the seventh one ) and everything was just as lovely this time around as it was the first.

      She also purchased a MiniFee Shiwoo Scarface head from me and sent the payment right away. :) On both accounts, she was a pleasure to deal with and I wouldn't hesitate at all to work with her again~

      :bcake Thank you! :bcake
    10. Decoy Embra bought my Cupid multihead, paid immediately and kept an excellent and very friendly communication.

      A lovely buyer and I would definitely recommend her! Thank you <3
    11. Decoy Embra bout a head from me she paid prompty and was very nice to deal with. Wonderful all around! Thanks
    12. Decoy Embra bought a dreaming lily-faceplate from me. Everything went smoothly and communication was excellent!
    13. Decoy Embra made another purchase from me, and as expected, she was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Communication is always nothing short of perfection and payments are consistently swift.

      :bcake:pcake Thank you for another great transaction! :pcake:bcake
    14. I sold my DOLLZONE BB LEO to Decoy Embra ... she is a very nice and kind person :) ... she was polite and very friendly throughout the all transaction and very prompt with her payment. She kept me updated and let me know when he arrived safely :dance

      I recommend anyone considering doing business with her because she is wonderful to deal with :)
    15. I sold Decoy Embra a singing piki faceplate, transaction was fast and smooth!
    16. I sold a bunch of hats and a vest to Decoy Embra. Great transaction! Thanks! ^_^
    17. Decoy Embra purchased two SD outfits from me. The transaction went very smoothly ^^
    18. Decoy Embra purchased a SoulDoll Paris from me and paid me promptly, and exchanged very nice communication with me via PMs. She is a wonderful buyer and I'd sell to her again in a heartbeat! Thanks very much for a great transaction!

      Juli DC :)
    19. I sold an arm to Decoy Embra. She paid promptly and was understanding when I had to ship it a few days later than expected.
    20. I took part in Decoy Embra's Soom Alk split and received my wig today! :D

      Her communication was absolutely perfect and she shipped my item out as soon as I had paid the shipping fee - I cannot fault the transaction at all ^_^

      I wouldn't hesitate to join another split if she were to run one, I am absolutely delighted with everything, and the wig is gorgeous too! :)

      Thanks so much Decoy for a smooth, faultless split :aheartbea