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Feedback Thread for Diloolie

Dec 9, 2011

    1. Thanks to those who have bought from me (she says from the past)! And thanks to those I've bought from or traded with. :)
    2. Diloolie bought a FL outfit from me. She paid promptly and overall it was a pleasant transaction. Thanks!
    3. Diloolie commissioned me to tighten and clean her BID Erzulie and was awesome to deal with.
      after my commission was done I initially shipped her off with her shipping address as the return address. apparently this was wrong and the doll was lost in transit. After about a month the box was returned to me in shabby shape but the doll was perfectly fine in the box c: (Lucky for us)
      SO I shipped her out a second time. this time she got to Diloolie in record time and thus concludes our transaction.
      Thanks for being understanding c:
      Was a pleasure working with you
    4. Diloolie bought a dress for her doll from me. She was very nice and paid promptly. Thank you very much!