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Feedback Thread for DireWood

Jan 3, 2010

    1. Here's my Feedback Thread!
    2. Awesome seller! Was such a pleasure to deal with, packed the Miyu head very well and was quick and kept open communication! Thank you!
    3. Purchased a MNF body from Kaiti. It arrived in great condition and Kaiti was very pleasant to work with. Would never hesitate to buy from her again.
    4. I bought a LTF Elf Chiwoo boy from DireWood. The transaction went smoothly. Definitely would love to do business again. A+++++++~
    5. DireWood bought my MNF Ryeon from me. She was very friendly, paid promptly, and always replied quickly to PMs~ Overall, a great transaction!:)
    6. DireWood bought an SD outfit set from me and she was very sweet to deal with. ^^
      Replied all PMs promptly and paid quickly as well. She also let me know as soon as the outfit arrived.
      Thank you very much for this wonderful transaction. And I hope you new girl will love it. :XD:
    7. DireWood joined my LeekeWorld GO and it all went smooth. She filled out form for pm, paid promptly, and replied all PMs fast. She also informed me that her item arrived like I requested. Thanks for joining GO :) !
    8. DireWood purchased a MSD sized outfit from me, it's been a pleasure !
      => prompt payment, great communication, besides she let me know as soon as she recieved the outfit.
      I really recommend her ! Thanks a lot Kaiti ! :D
    9. Direwood commissioned a sketch and an outfit from us, and everything went wonderfully! She was inquisitive, understanding, prompt to pay and patient. Yay, thanks for letting me know the outfit arrived safely; I hope you have a blast with it! ^^
    10. A+++

      Excellent buyer. Paid fast, asked all the right questions and let me know right away when the doll arrived.

      Highly recommended.
    11. DireWood commissioned me for a face up, she sent on time, paid quickly and let me know when it arrived safely, thanks! ^^
    12. Sold a doll to direwood. the transaction was super smooth and fast. she's very reliable and love to do business any time.
      thank you so much.
    13. DireWood responded to one of my WTB threads and offered me the wonderful opportunity to purchase a Luna wig. I'm so happy with the transaction. Quick responses and always patient as well as sending the wig very quickly~ A great buyer!! Thank you so so so much!
    14. Sold two dresses to DireWood, and the transaction was wonderful. She was nice to talk with and quick in making payment.
      I'm happy with the transaction, and I'm looking forward to dealing with her again!
    15. Kaiti bought a faceplate from me and was super to deal with. Fast payment and I recommend her to anyone. Thanks Kaiti !
    16. Direwood bought a puki puki body from me, and she is the perfect buyer! Kaiti paid quickly and kept in touch with me throughout the entire transaction. She is very friendly and quick to respond to any messages. She also let me know when the package arrived. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from or sell to Direwood again.
      Thanks Kaiti!
    17. Sold a dress set to her.
      she's a good buyer,fast payment & good communicaton.
      Highly recommeded!
    18. DireWood purchased Dollheart Fer from me. She paid quick and the transection was all smooth. But we had misunderstood about the dress condition, which the frey edges has been misunderstood to be flaws. In fact, that was the dress design (as shownd in official pics on Dollheart's website) and the dress was as good as description. She also mention that my pictures are too dark, I will take notice and improve in future. But while I really can understand the her dissatification, I also didn't happy with this situation. It shouldn't happened if buyer had more info about this dress before buying.
    19. i sold a custom mermaid body to Direwood, it was a perfect transaction. great communication throughout and she let me know that it arrived safely, great buyer.
    20. DireWood commissioned two pukipuki outfits from me.
      She had excellent communication, paid promptly and was very friendly through the whole thing.
      I would trade with her again.

      I hope you enjoy them. ​