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Feedback Thread for driftingsoul...

Aug 26, 2009

    1. This is a feedback thread for driftingsoul. If you have done "ANY" Marketplace business transactions with her - please leave some feedback here. :)

      I recently had the pleasure of selling drifingsoul a replica Miyavi Flying "Y" Killer Guitar. This was driftingsoul's very first transaction and I must say she is an "AWESOME" Marketplace buyer. Her payment was super fast and her PM's to me were very friendly. She is a very "TRUSTWORTHY" and "RELAIBLE" person.

      driftingsoul earns :goldstar:goldstar:goldstar:goldstar:goldstar for her reliability and promptness for payment! ;)
    2. Driftingsoul was in my Nine 9 Style GO and paid right away and was very friendly as well throughout the transaction.
      Thanks and enjoy your things :)
    3. A very good buyer
      In my shop to buy a wig
      The process is a very pleasant
      (*^__^*) ~~~
    4. Drifting soul bought some clothes from me. Great friendly communication and fast payment - would recommend in an instant!
    5. Driftingsoul bought DBDOLL wings from me. She is a very good buyer.She paid promptly and maintained good communication. Thank you very much!
    6. Purchased a DIM MnM white resin body from her. Perfect transaction. Great communication. Recommend.
    7. Driftingsoul joined my Dollmore group order and was absolutely a dream to deal with. She was very understanding through the issues and kept great communication. Paid on time! Definitely has my vote of confidence!
    8. Driftingsoul bought some wig spray from me - she paid quickly and was always very friendly in her communication, and she let me know as soon as the parcel arrived :) Thanks for a great transaction!
    9. I ran a luts GO with driftingsoul as one of the participants. They paid super quick, was great with communication, and I highly recommend them to anyone
    10. Driftingsoul participated in my dollmore group order. She was very prompt in payment and communicated quickly. Would definitely work with her again in another GO!
    11. driftingsoul was part of my Tata's Paradise GO! Quick payments and patience made for a perfect transaction! Thanks again!
    12. Today, I completed a transaction with driftingsoul. The whole process took under a week, which gives her -major- points in my book. Communication was wonderful, and she was a total sweetheart. I bought an Another Space Beanie Muffler from her, and she shipped it promptly (the next day, I believe). It came in the mail today in a bubble wrap envelope in perfect condition. I would -love- to do business with her again if the opportunity arises. :]
    13. I bought a shirt from driftingsoul and she was a dear to deal with! Very friendly and fast shipping, would gladly do buisness again, thanks again!
    14. bought a pair of eyes from her :D shes a great seller and was very nice ^^ i would definitely recommend buying from her! =)
    15. driftingsould was a member of my Soom GO. She paid her invoices promptly and was patient when I took a few extra days to ship packages out due to my work hours. Definitely a great GO member. :)
      Thanks driftingsoul!
    16. driftingsoul commissioned me for a faceup and body work on her Soom MD Bygg, and she was lovely to work with. Paid quickly, packed him well, and kept great communication. I'd be happy to work with her again anytime! :)
    17. DriftingSoul participated in my thirteenth Leekeworld group order and was an absolute pleasure to deal with from beginning to end. Invoices were paid promptly and communication from her end of things was extremely well kept up to par. I would not hesitate to work with her again if given the chance.

      :aheartbea Thank you for participating in this group order!! :aheartbea
    18. I've bought from her Soom MD Bygg head. Very good and nice seller! The head was packed perfectly. :)
      Also, we found a very good solution about money return, and many thanks for understanding of my situation!
    19. driftingsoul commissioned me for a faceup for his boy. The transaction went smooth and she was also very patient.
      Pleasant to deal with!! Thank you! :) <3
    20. Driftingsoul was in my group order for Leekeworld, and was an absolute pleasure to deal with! Prompt payment, and easy communication, I'd definetly love to have more dealings with her in the future!