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Feedback Thread for Dustys_Girl92

Feb 10, 2011

    1. Hi,

      If you have feedback with me please just leave it here. Thanks Again.
    2. Dustys_Girl92 bought some undies from me in an excellent, no-fuss transaction. Thanks so much for promptly letting me know they arrived! I hope your girl enjoys them and I hope to work with you again :D
    3. Dustys_Girl92 bought a bunch of sweets from me n_n. She was very sweet and we kept communication through the entire process. Would definitely sell to again :). Thank you!
    4. Dustys girl was my partner in a swap, and she's the best partner ever. We became great friends and she sent me not only the clothes she made (a lot by the way!) but also a ton of extras. She even included sweets for my kids~ :) She's great! I will work with her a lot.
    5. Dusty's girl commissioned me 4 outfit very complex in burlesque style in SD size. I haven't asked her for money in advance but at the time to pay she asked me for first time extension to pay(a week) i said no problems and then she disappeared. has been paged and after a while she explained me she has had truble while moving. i offer to accomodate with partial payment or something else that can be good for her... she told me she want all the outfits and asked me a time extention again...and once again I've said yes...she disappeared for the second time...and If the month I've lost sewing for her doesn't deserve money....at least It deserve respect. i've been kind and polite and try to find a solution....but no clear response came.
      I've never asked money in advance at anyone while doing commission...but due to this fact things will change.
      I'm really sorry all this happened and to must leave this negative feedback.Hope Dustys is well and will solve her personal problems, but I'm tired to wait.
    6. Dustys_Girl92 joined our beginners crafting swap and kept up with the thread when we requested people to send in there status. I would happily work with her again as a swap coordinator.
    7. Dusty was a participant and the coordinator in the Fashion is Eternal Swap. When she moved she didn't arrange for another person to have her list to be able to work her swap for her while she was dealing with all of the things she had to deal with, while moving. Leaving the members who were active to come into play and try to pick up the pieces. After a few weeks of working on trying to contact her through a friend on doa who had her phone number, we called it done. We figured out the ones that flaked and the ones who were active. And we are happy to put a end to the swap without her.

      Dusty came upon a bad situation in this swap with it ending when she was moving and just leaving it to figure its self out. I would be a bit edgy on joining any swaps she is running, unless she has dedicated a 2ic to help her.